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Newbie,Good idea, sometimes by the time you add enough color the fondant is too wet.Mustard Seed
I hope I posted this question correctly.I have been invited to help open a new bakery. Does anyone know how to make display cakes. I was thinking of building the cakes out of styrofoam, and cover with fondant. Any idea how long fondant can stay out in the open?Thanks
Has anyone made seashells for a cake. Should I make them with white chocolate and brush with color dust or use fondant.Any help is greatly appreciated.Mustard Seed
Have you tried adding purple? I would try a couple of drops and if that doesn't do it add a drop of black to the mix.
I need to make a gluten free cake for a wedding. Does anyone have a gluten free cake recipe that is tried and true?
I am making a SpongeBob out of rice krispies to sit on top of a sheet cake. My question is how far in advance can I make SpongeBob covered in fondant and what is the best way to store him.The cake is due this coming Sunday and I wanted to work on SpongBob Thursday and Friday.Thanks!
I am sitting here in tears. After three hours I can't seem to get the hang of curling petals flowers. I use the Wilton ball tool and a foam square. Should I invest in a metal ball tool?Can someone direct to a website or tutorial with directions? I cannot pay for classes am trying to learn from your website and online tutorials.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love doing this but my flowers look two dimensional and I am too embarressed to take my cakes to church.
Thanks calicopurr. I would imagine it dries faster than vodka.
What is ever alcohol?
Please HelpI live in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area and everything is high here. I am new to pricing my cakes and would like an idea of how to price a Sponge Bob cake (I looked at the matrix already). I priced the ingredients and added a reasonable time for labor, does that sound correct?My idea is to make Sponge Bob out of RC w/fondant and have him sit on a sheet cake w/sea elements around him and happy birthday on the front side.This cake would feed 30 children so I...
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