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I agree. I pretty much gave up and I'm just going to paint on the red.
For sculpting I would use a the gum/fon mixture. But yeah it does harden. If it's not kept airtight it will harden up. =]
nobody willing to help me?
I was wondering how much Wilton 'No Taste' Red does it usually take you guys to get a bright red, red color? I colored my MMF with red jello, let it sit overnight, added 3/4 of the little 1 oz tube of the red color, let it sit overnight, and it's still a redish pink.
Or you could make Nutella Ganache. I've seen a recipe with equal parts of heavy cream and nutella (1 cup). It looked a little runny, but you could try it that way and let it set up overnight. Then whip it like you would with regular choco ganache to make it fluffy. HTH!
Can anyone who has done a corset design before help??? Pleeease?
Vonda, That's really cool! My sister wants to see her in concert. I honestly can't stand her music, but that's just a personal preference lol. I think she is very unique and that is something I really like about her. =]dldbrou, I do have some pictures in mind as references. Thanks =]
This has a couple pictures of a corset design I need to aim for:
Kello, Yes that makes sense =] Thanks.Honestly, I'm nervous about everything. The carving I'm a little nervous about but it's the decorating that I'm super nervous about. I guess I'm not sure how to exactly get the lacing right (I'm using fondant). I don't want it to look sloppy is my thing. I want clean lines but it has to look kinda crazy at the same time. Ugh!TAKE A LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. THIS IS MY SISTER'S FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST. THIS IS WHAT THE CAKE IS BASED ON....
Hi everyone! I'm making a cake for my sister who is coming home from England this Saturday after being gone three months for schooling.The theme of my cake requires a corset tier as the top tier. It's going to be a verrry small cake. Only 4" (maybe 6", haven't decided yet) cake rounds for the two tiered cake. I'm going to "carve" out my corset design which will make the top tier a little smaller than the bottom. The problem with this is that I've never done a corset design...
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