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Will NOT put my cake in the freezer again...another lesson learnt!! Have uploaded my cake now, if you needed a
Thanks for that, looking forward to trying RKT now!As for my creation, I feel a bit embarrassed to put a picture up after looking at all your wonderful cakes, because the xbox was black it showed every mark and lump!
Many thanks for your replies.... I was going to try RKT, but after reading many posts on here i thought they would be too dificult!! maybe I should have just been brave and given it a go. Anyway the fondant wasn't so sticky the next day, even though its not a great smooth finish, but I have run out of time....will try next time.....any tips you can give me re RKT would be fantastic! many thanksJo
I'm making a xbox 360 cake with controller, the main cake is fine, but my controller is not going well. It is make out of cake which I put in the freezer before I covered it in fondant, however the fondant has gone really really sticky, is there any thing I can do ? I have finished it and I'm praying that it will dry over night...Many thanks Jo
I made a moshi monster cake for my sons 5th birthday, I just studied online and picked out the easiest (or so I thought!) characters from the websites. I used sugarpaste and made them a week or so before they were needed. You can see my cake on here, I'm still learning so not upto the usual standard on here but my son was pleased with it.
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