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A candy cake for a dentist - perfect!!!  How about putting some jawbreakers on top so he can put it out in his waiting room for repeat customers!!!  I know my dentist would laugh at that.  Me - I broke two teeth once on a single Red Hot Dot!  I will not eat that candy again! Please post the finished product! T
Do you have the giant cupcake pan?  If so that's the best to use for a chocolate shell.  I used it when I made a giant Reeses peanut butter cup cake and I got the idea from others here  (ddaigle). There are other threads here in the forum on this topic. wow - i had no idea the name...
Ypierce82 You are ALSO shipping to your brother in AZ!?!  What are you my sister LOL!  I know you are not because my sisters do not ship cookies to anyone! I have not had a breakage problem with the post office - I like to use those Ziplock plastic containers and pack it tight in a USPS box for less moving around. T
Hi!  As long as you don't include anything super perishable, I'd go with Priority Mail.  I do that with choco chip and mini brownies as well as sugar cookies.  I send Priority Mail to Arizona from NY on a regular basis (my niece and nephew call me Aunt Cookie!) - it's guaranteed 2-3 days but often is sooner.  And when I Priority Mail to anywhere else in NY from NY it almost always arrives next day - for a way more attractive price!!! Good Luck, T
Whenever people say mud cake I always think they are not in the US, which of course is not always true! I have two favorite chocolate cakes, Ina Garten's chocolate cake made with coffee (look for the recipe on or Martha Stewart's flourless chocolate cake (on her website). Two very different cakes! Both crowd pleasers! I add coffee or instant espresso (the actual powder not with water) to every chocolate thing I make. Sorry I can't give you the actual...
While I enjoyed the rest of everyone's comments about getting paid - which is clearly why you are in business -  the flashing light that went off in my head is NEVER DRIVE A STRANGER!  That idea sent a chill up my spine! There is no amount of money worth that. And please - listen to your 'spidey sense'. Good luck with your future business! Take care, T
I like all the parts of my cakes to be edible so I haven't used the printer for anything on a cake.  I do want to make a customized cake stand but haven't done so yet. The way the printer works for larger size items is that it would be done in pieces that fit together to make the whole.  Actually I would give my design/idea to the true electronic genius of the house - my husband - to get it done!  I know you can use the printer for specific molds too but haven't done that...
Those 3d edible printers are fascinating but exorbitantly priced.  Our non-edible printer wound up costing about 2k and even those are dropping in price.  It also has to get a lot quicker - while it's super interesting to watch it is s-l-o-w! (and very noisy) But you're right Jeff, that day is coming!  It wasn't that long ago that people were saying www-what?!! Theresa
So I just saw this interesting site on Pinterest that might interest you too. It's a little experiment by Amber on using different liquids, water, 151 rum, vanilla etc to get the best gold. Water was her winner but take a look! Theresa
Anyone who has ever tried to bite a dragee or swallowed it or thrown it at their brother (I'm 3 for 3 here!) would be happy if they had been outlawed years ago! Or maybe that's why they were in our cabinet growing up but my mother never used them!  I've seen those Wilton dots in Michael's and they look nice! But you might think them a little big - bigger than a piped dot! Good luck! T
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