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Thanks K8 - I knew someone would laugh! T
I recently tried swapping out the water for raspberry seltzer in a cake mix.  I was thinking it might be air-ier bc of the carbonation.  Unfortunately it didn't result in much of a difference but that was just my first experiment with it.  I was a little concerned - like when I've made a from scratch champagne cake and the mix seems to want to come out of the mixer like a bad episode of I Love Lucy!  FYI that did not happen with the seltzer!! T
I made this skier's cake for my nephew a few years ago.   As some above have said, make it out of cake! I just used different size pans, pyrex bowl, cupcake, etc, cut around some other pieces and had it all on a sheet cake. I use the fat straws to hold everybody together.  And I traveled about 35 miles with it. The sheet cake part gives you extra servings too and it can be layered if that works out better.  The...
How about (thin) pretzel sticks or (thick) pretzel sticks.  Candy cane sticks?  I like the all-edible approach myself! Good luck! Theresa
Great job and great cause! Yay! Theresa
Thanks Apti! They were a big hit! T
I am in love with all things waffle iron recently so your idea is very interesting.  Having a hard time this afternoon replying to this thread and posted one of my pics so I could attach it for you.  Hope you can actually see it!   Anyway, my tip for you is to keep all waffles on a wire rack to keep the bottom from getting all soggy for as long as...
Liz Great! Thanks for the idea! Now to make a special design! T
We just bought a 3d printer for other reasons and I'm looking forward to seeing what people create.  So far - none of the output is edible ...but maybe customizable stands? It's very Star Trek but S L O W !  James - maybe there's something to that for your MacArthur Park project? Theresa
Patrick looks like that Wonder mold to me - the one you use when you make a Barbie doll cake.  I don't like having so many different specialty pans but that doll pan has been used by me for many things that aren't a doll cake!  Of course, RKT is lighter and kids and adults love eating it so either way's good!  I'd def making Spongebob's nose out of RKT and use a dowel/fat straw to hold it in place.  Good luck! Theresa
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