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I just used the cornstarch/fondant combo this weekend to make my first fondant bow (I posted it in my gallery).  It was almost shocking to see how well it worked! It really firmed up nicely and quickly -like K8 said.  fyi i used it with red fondant and I didn't have any blending problems. I really didn't use that much cornstarch either! Good luck! T
Wow K8. That's a fast decorating time. Especially for a lil ole hobby baker like me! But you'll need to ask your accountant if employee or 1099 contractor is the way to go (assuming you're in the U.S.!) in short, my acct tells me if I set the persons hours and work at my office they're my employee. But I'm not an accountant so you should ask one! Best of luck Theresa
I always overbuy to be safe - hobby baker here!  But I think 8 is a lot!  I think you can go with 6 and still have leftovers. I made a 9"? heart double layer cake and I used less than one jar. I used a mix of white, red and the orange/red/white jar over an orange iced cake.  Are you familiar with the wax paper method of applying the sugar - it was an invaluable forum topic for me! Good luck Theresa
I'm planning on the cupcake wreath as a give away too - the cheesecakes idea sounds yummy!  I don't want to over-green my friends so I am going to make a little test batch this week. I'm going to pipe leaves in white with green edges (you know - color striping the piping bag).  That way the wreath has touches of green.  I plan on adding red for holly berries and some molded chocolate Christmas lights.  In my mind it all works out - we shall see!!! Good luck Theresa
Cazza1:  Did you use a crusting buttercream for your roses?  They stand up a lot better than a non-crusting bc - I know because I've made them with whipped cream and they only look good for a short while before they sliiiiiiiide down the cake (lesson learned!) Theresa
My brother is a plumber and he says PVC is not food safe, we've discussed this topic before!  Like when I've suggested he help me with some structure! I wouldn't take the chance with it, even though Buddy Velastro does it all the time - sometimes covered in rkt and sometimes not. Theresa
Yum - what's more fun than a table with mega desserts on it!!  I'm a fan of individual items, however instead of having to cut cake(s)   Here's a couple of ideas I'd put on my own table!   cookie ice cream sandwiches (red velvet, chocolate chip ) or mini waffle ice cream sandwiches.  I currently love anything "waffled" - you can even make cookie dough waffles.  Assemble the whole thing in the freezer and pull out when ready to serve.   I make brownies in my mini...
A candy cake for a dentist - perfect!!!  How about putting some jawbreakers on top so he can put it out in his waiting room for repeat customers!!!  I know my dentist would laugh at that.  Me - I broke two teeth once on a single Red Hot Dot!  I will not eat that candy again! Please post the finished product! T
Do you have the giant cupcake pan?  If so that's the best to use for a chocolate shell.  I used it when I made a giant Reeses peanut butter cup cake and I got the idea from others here  (ddaigle). There are other threads here in the forum on this topic. wow - i had no idea the name...
Ypierce82 You are ALSO shipping to your brother in AZ!?!  What are you my sister LOL!  I know you are not because my sisters do not ship cookies to anyone! I have not had a breakage problem with the post office - I like to use those Ziplock plastic containers and pack it tight in a USPS box for less moving around. T
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