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I like all the parts of my cakes to be edible so I haven't used the printer for anything on a cake.  I do want to make a customized cake stand but haven't done so yet. The way the printer works for larger size items is that it would be done in pieces that fit together to make the whole.  Actually I would give my design/idea to the true electronic genius of the house - my husband - to get it done!  I know you can use the printer for specific molds too but haven't done that...
Those 3d edible printers are fascinating but exorbitantly priced.  Our non-edible printer wound up costing about 2k and even those are dropping in price.  It also has to get a lot quicker - while it's super interesting to watch it is s-l-o-w! (and very noisy) But you're right Jeff, that day is coming!  It wasn't that long ago that people were saying www-what?!! Theresa
So I just saw this interesting site on Pinterest that might interest you too. It's a little experiment by Amber on using different liquids, water, 151 rum, vanilla etc to get the best gold. Water was her winner but take a look! Theresa
Anyone who has ever tried to bite a dragee or swallowed it or thrown it at their brother (I'm 3 for 3 here!) would be happy if they had been outlawed years ago! Or maybe that's why they were in our cabinet growing up but my mother never used them!  I've seen those Wilton dots in Michael's and they look nice! But you might think them a little big - bigger than a piped dot! Good luck! T
Don't know what your overall design is for the cake but would you consider making some tiny funnel cakes (real ones) and using them as decoration or even to decorate your cake board?  And you know everyone will want to eat those first because they will be so cute and tiny (and calorie free! - oh wait - not!) Theresa
Thanks K8 - I knew someone would laugh! T
I recently tried swapping out the water for raspberry seltzer in a cake mix.  I was thinking it might be air-ier bc of the carbonation.  Unfortunately it didn't result in much of a difference but that was just my first experiment with it.  I was a little concerned - like when I've made a from scratch champagne cake and the mix seems to want to come out of the mixer like a bad episode of I Love Lucy!  FYI that did not happen with the seltzer!! T
I made this skier's cake for my nephew a few years ago.   As some above have said, make it out of cake! I just used different size pans, pyrex bowl, cupcake, etc, cut around some other pieces and had it all on a sheet cake. I use the fat straws to hold everybody together.  And I traveled about 35 miles with it. The sheet cake part gives you extra servings too and it can be layered if that works out better.  The...
How about (thin) pretzel sticks or (thick) pretzel sticks.  Candy cane sticks?  I like the all-edible approach myself! Good luck! Theresa
Great job and great cause! Yay! Theresa
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