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Oh My!  There's only one thing to say about that Groot cake I am Groot!   It's adorable! T
I don't have anything new to add from those that have offered great suggestions so far but my prayers and hugs to your son your husband and to you (and the other kiddies). Best! T
Thank you!!  You can look through my gallery for some other wacky creations of mine:  spaghetti and meatballs, french fries, a whole barbecue set up, sandwiches, waffles and ice cream and the biggest 'fooler' of all, meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. That one especially fooled one of my sisters who has no sense of smell so she didn't know what she was eating.  Yea, she's still annoyed and brings it up years later!T
Gwensmommy - love the acorns!!   I'm a hobby baker and all the cakes I make for family are based on something that is specific for them, a favorite pastime, hobby or something (wacky) they are interested in. For me, thinking about something that has some significance to the person is a fun challenge.  I am especially interested in the cake that looks like other food.   This cake, a stack of pancakes, is my favorite for many reasons.  It's mostly my favorite because I...
I've never made a diamond pinata but I have made a candy pinata cake. The amount of filling is definitely based on the 'hole' you carve yourself from the cake layers.  Are you making the ball pan?  I made mine as a mega sheet cake and absolutely made my candy carve out too big.  It looked like a candy grave!  And it was prob 5 pounds of candy.  Which was too much unless you take into account that it was for my extended family who thought it was the bomb!  So my suggestion...
There's an old comedy routine where a man is in charge of the lost and found at the airport and another is looking for his luggage.  The lost and found guy says It's your luggage and you know what it looks like - how am I supposed to find it?  Your client is the lost luggage guy!  Good luck, it sounds like she might not know what she likes until she sees what she doesn't like - at your time and expense! Theresa
Have you considered using a yellow fondant and then spraying it  gold?  I don't know the size of your cake or the look you are going for but you might want to test this out. Maybe test it by using a white fondant and a yellow fondant.  I used the silver spray on top of black fondant when I wanted a  metal look for a robot cake and I was very happy with the results. Good luck! Theresa
Chocolate chip cookies with red and green M&M's.  Make with the usual amount of chocolate chips and liberally stick colored M&M's on before baking.  I probably made 10 dozen already - both sides of our family love them and call them their favorite so I also use them for 'give-away'    I make 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies but not as much as these!! Merry! T
I just used the cornstarch/fondant combo this weekend to make my first fondant bow (I posted it in my gallery).  It was almost shocking to see how well it worked! It really firmed up nicely and quickly -like K8 said.  fyi i used it with red fondant and I didn't have any blending problems. I really didn't use that much cornstarch either! Good luck! T
Wow K8. That's a fast decorating time. Especially for a lil ole hobby baker like me! But you'll need to ask your accountant if employee or 1099 contractor is the way to go (assuming you're in the U.S.!) in short, my acct tells me if I set the persons hours and work at my office they're my employee. But I'm not an accountant so you should ask one! Best of luck Theresa
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