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Great job and great cause! Yay! Theresa
Thanks Apti! They were a big hit! T
I am in love with all things waffle iron recently so your idea is very interesting.  Having a hard time this afternoon replying to this thread and posted one of my pics so I could attach it for you.  Hope you can actually see it!   Anyway, my tip for you is to keep all waffles on a wire rack to keep the bottom from getting all soggy for as long as...
Liz Great! Thanks for the idea! Now to make a special design! T
We just bought a 3d printer for other reasons and I'm looking forward to seeing what people create.  So far - none of the output is edible ...but maybe customizable stands? It's very Star Trek but S L O W !  James - maybe there's something to that for your MacArthur Park project? Theresa
Patrick looks like that Wonder mold to me - the one you use when you make a Barbie doll cake.  I don't like having so many different specialty pans but that doll pan has been used by me for many things that aren't a doll cake!  Of course, RKT is lighter and kids and adults love eating it so either way's good!  I'd def making Spongebob's nose out of RKT and use a dowel/fat straw to hold it in place.  Good luck! Theresa
Cupadeecakes - I've also been thinking about the cake.  The planning is equally fun for me for a cake like this.  And I oversize everything - so clearly I'm a hobby baker! (Which explains the 4foot long swordfish I made for my husband one year for his birthday! - I had to invite way more people over to eat it than I had originally planned) Theresa
That sounds like a fun cake!  If you want the whole thing to be edible consider a sheet of rkt covered in fondant or depending on your size, graham cracker sheets or matzoh sheets covered in fondant.  Whenever I have used that everyone always eats it!  Please post your finished product.  ps - use silver/gray sixlets for the pinball! Good luck Theresa
I hope it turns out good!  A bit off topic but I just came back from the Florida Keys and ate the most delicious dessert ever - BAKED ALASKA KEY LIME  (I almost drool typing it!) I spied it on the menu as soon as I sat down so I had a salad in anticipation.  It was beautiful, delicious and almost worth the trip back!  Whatever you make consider turning it into a baked alaska if even just for yourself! Theresa
I just stumbled upon the same "new and improved" Viva myself while we were out of town!  Ugh!
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