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Thank you all SOOOO much! I must admit that I gulped a bit when I saw the price of the Agbay, but good tools ARE expensive. I have the Wilson Ultimate and it stinks. I´ve been working with it for over 3 years and it dips in the middle something terrible! I´ve been supplementing with an old thin bread knife, but the handle broke last week, boo hoo! Looks like I need to tighten up the old belt and not be so cheap, lol!
I have a cake leveler that I have always disliked, and now the blade is kinda loose and the cakes never come out level any more. I like to tort and fill and I am frustrated. Before I buy another, or try another way, I thought I would ask you lovely people. What do you use? How do you tort your cakes?
I live in and have a bakery in Mexico. I cannot find pink lemonade powder or concentrate here. I've been here for almost 8 years. I was thinking of using grenadine syrup and lemon juice. I'm WAY too busy the next couple of weeks, but have a few weeks off soon for learning new stuff, lol. I'll try it and let you know if it works. 
I know working with chocolate is difficult in high humidity, so much has my research told me. HOWEVER, I have a desserts shop in a constantly high humidity area, so what do I do? MANY of my desserts use chocolate and I need to learn how to work around this. I keep crazing my chocolate whenever I am trying to melt it. I used to live in the high southern California desert at over 2,000 feet and NEVER had a problem. I now live at sea level (really sea level, I can see the...
Thank you so much! I thought that it was about 6 months. I figure, if I rotate, and it doesn't sell, I will thaw for slices in the shop. I sell a lot of slices. I figured that I would wrap it once in plastic wrap, then label it with flavor and date and rewrap. I could see the label through the second layer of wrap. Do you think that would be OK? Thanks for the advice on thawing, I was worried how condensation would affect the cake. OK, now my next "dumb" question. You can...
I have a small bakery in Sinaloa, Mexico. Whatever cake flavors I have in my fridge, they always want something else. My kitchen is in my home 45 minutes away from my store front. Sometimes they come in to order a cake for the next day. It is difficult to fulfill all of their wants, lol. My idea is ... to make 2 layers of each flavor and freeze them. I have a commercial freezer in the shop since I also sell sundaes and ice cream. It is quite large. When someone wants a...
This is my first attempt. Thank you so very much for all of your help. I now have an entire set of these knives and am experimenting with them. They will make my tarteletas very special. My Quinceniera will love them!
You gals and/or guys are SOOOOO sweet! Thank you so much for the time you took to send me all of the ideas and photos. You completely hooked me up on this topic. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3
So, I'm getting that it's practice time, right? Not the answer I WANTED! lol Sorry, I am just so new to this that there are sooooo many things I still need to learn that I don't even know when I am asking stupid questions, lol. You're SURE there isn't some Magic tool that does this FOR me? Sry, now I'm just being a brat. Thank you all for answering. God bless
What tool do you use to make those serrated kiwi and strawberries? I cannot picture how this is done. Please advise. Learning, thanks.
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