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Thanks for reply.
Has anyone ever used cream cheese emulsion in frosting and is it good?    If I use real cream cheese, will it spoil out of refrigeration?  I never made it before and want to know your opinions please. TIA
The thing is, I thought oh I will save money not having to buy dowels and plates etc I will be able to use the cake stackers. Well it was so much money Im afraid to use it where I wont be cutting the cake lol.  When I did take my cake apart I noticed one of the metal pieces had come off and went into the cake...thankfully I found it when I was cutting the cake can you imagine someone biting into that ouch.... So its no good for me because Im paranoid now. "sigh" This is...
Well maybe i will try using it a few more times and see if I change my op.....I will let you know if I like it better :)
I am sad to say I ordered cake stackers.  I am not happy at all. I don't like to slam products but I hate this thing...also when she turns the cake upon its side if you look close you will see she has a plate screwed on the top thats why she can do that.  I am not happy and wish I could get my money back.
well I set them out to see what happens.....
I made ice cubes out of gelatin for a cake and now Im wondering if they melt? Anyone know this answer? tia
I would want a thick coat of butter cream and a nice solid dam around the edge of cake to keep from oozing can practice but thats not going to keep another cake from springing a just need to maybe dry the strawberries with a paper towel to get excess moisture off, and put in refrigerator night before and that will help keep it nice for you.....thats about all I can offer, maybe someone else will help out better
oh thats right haha I missed the bc thats true
if you used melted chocolate you don't have to worry about someone eating a toothpick
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