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I have been presented with a challenge.  A friend has asked me to make the Groom's cake for her son.  He is a big hunter so I originally thought he would want something with hunting.  Well, the only thing he has said he wants (said this over and over) is a Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  I really could use some ideas on how to make a Pinapple Upside Down Cake look nice for a wedding.  Also, will need it to feed around 150.   Any help / ideas would be greatly...
Thank you to you both.  I thought they looked like sticks also. I may just use sticks and use a bigger board.  Thanks for the information.   Does anyone know where I can buy this type of cattails?  I have looked online and have not found any that look like this.   Thanks.
 I have been asked to make a cake like the one below.  I am not sure what was used around the outside of the cake.  It looks like chocolate shavings on the cake itself but I am not sure what was used all around the border.  It looks like sticks.  Any suggestions?
I wonder what I did wrong then? I use an all shortening buttercream - it is the Wilton Snow White Buttercream Recipe...that is the one that I use. I did a DH Vanilla cake mix. Would love to know how to avoid having this happen in the future. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.
Well, I got the cake to the party (after the 2 1/2 hour drive). The cake did fine but the icing was sliding on the sides, quite a bit. I did not have enough room to take all of my decorating supplies that I used to make the cake since we were riding with someone to the party so I could not really fix it. The top was perfect but the sides had slid down some. Any ideas to avoid this in the future? I had the cake cooled before we left and had the air vents blowing...
Thank you, Cake Girl! I will try that. Should be an interesting 2 1/2 hours.
I have to make a cake this weekend (for my grandmother's 95th birthday party) and I have to travel with it for 2 1/2 hours to get to where she lives. I will be using Buttercream icing. We live in HOT, HUMID Houston. How do I keep the icing from "melting" and sliding off the cake while I am traveling? I want the cake to still be pretty when we get there.Thanks.
I am new to the cake decorating world and don't do it a whole lot. However, I have had a few disasters myself. Don't let it stop you if you really enjoy decorating. I thoroughly enjoy it so I won't let the disasters stop me. Take a few weeks off but don't get rid of your decorating equipment. After a few weeks go back in there and conquer your frustrations.
I am newer to the cake business. I have been just doing them for family and have begun to get requests for cakes outside of the family. What I struggle with is how much cake to bake and how much to charge? Can anyone help? I have an event coming up that I need enough cake for 60 people. I am doing 2 layer round cakes stacked. What size cakes do I need and how much should I charge for this?Thank you so much!
I think that may be the problem. I have not been using a "Stiff" buttercream. I just use the regular buttercream that I use for the icing. We have lots of humidity here so maybe making the icing more stiff will help that.Thank you!
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