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I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. If it isn't, my apologies to the mods.   I made FromScratchSF's SMBC yesterday and it was AHHH-MAZING!!!! Her instructions were so easy to follow and my SMBC came out perfectly. I flavored it with a salted caramel sauce I made and iced some chocolate cupcakes with it. O.M.G. I can't put into words how absolutely delicious this stuff is!   Thank you, FromScratchSF, for taking the time to put together a tutorial on how to...
It's definitely a consistency thing. I ordered one when they first came out and couldn't get it to roll my cake pops when I was using my normal cake + frosting mixture. I emailed the woman who invented it and she told me to try using a cake from a mix (I bake from scratch) and to put the cooked, cooled cake in a food processor until it's the consistency of play-doh. I did that and I was able to get the roller to work properly BUT I hated the consistency of the cake balls...
Your first time making them?!? Girl, you've got serious skills! I've made some a couple of times and mine NEVER looked as good as yours.
I charge $1.15 each for my classic flavors and $1.25 each for my premium flavors. People haven't balked at my prices either so it's been working for me. I live in my state's capital but it's not a huge city by any means.
Absolutely gorgeous! How did you get your pops to be so perfectly round? And you dipped them so cleanly! What's your technique?
Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I already have a somewhat regular customer and I've gotten more orders just from announcing on my facebook status.
Hey louanne! I don't have a website yet. I'm just taking orders over the phone for now but I don't do actual cakes. I do cake balls and cake pops. So if they're looking for a traditional cake, I'm not their girl, but if they're looking for some cake balls or pops, you can send them my way. I'll PM you my info.
It uses a rotary cutter. I don't think you can switch the blades out. It's brand new so I assume the blade is pretty sharp. lol Thanks for all of your help. I'm going to experiment some more this week and hopefully get a smooth edge somehow.
I used it on a 3/16" board. I think I'll just do what someone suggested and cut it in 3 steps, then use a nail file or craft sander to smooth the edges. It won't be perfect, but it will be better than the exacto knife I was using. Now that was a mess!Thanks to everyone who chimed in!
When you use this tool on foam core, does your finished circle have a smooth edge or is it sort of jagged? I tried using one earlier and my edges weren't smooth. I'm sure it's probably user error but wanted to ask. If you get a smooth, clean, cut could you tell me how you do it? Thanks!
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