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Thanks for sharing!! They really did turn out beautiful!! Many times I PM someone when they have especially nice roses. I ask what they use, and many times I don't get a reply. I am always very thankful for those that answer and for those of you that share what you learn.
I'm sorry you feel hurt over this. You did a beautiful job on the cakes!! Don't think for a second that they didn't like them. They are truly lucky that you put so much effort and love into these cakes. I hope they show you the gratitude you deserve when they come back down to earth.
I used mine at the Westbury, NY store and had 1,400 stolen from my account. I was not a happy camper!!
I've been looking at the same mold too, but like you, afraid to waste the money! Looking forward to finding an answer.
I just got my cricut today from HSN. I got as far as opening the box I can't wait to use it, but I hate reading directions!! I would rather have to put something together, than read a book of directions on how to use it!
Thanks cakegirl. I did get the money back 2 days after filing a claim at the bank thankfully. Just want to make sure others know to check over their statements.
I don't know if anyone has seen this or heard about this, but those who shop often at Michaels should keep an eye on their bank statement. I discoverd $1,400 missing from my checking account on Mothers Day. I use my debit card practically weekly at Michaels. My sister told me about this the day after I told her about the missing money.
I'm curious about this too. I want to buy some more pans in different shapes and can't decide between the Magic Line, and Fat Daddio
Oohhh...where is that thread on gourmet cake flavors? I finally got myself off my addiction to Facebook and those stupid games, only to spend hours looking at pictures of cakes!
I've made chocolate stout cake with Irish cream ganache filling and Irish cream buttercream. So good!!
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