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Hi Danilou. Craftsy are online classes. More interactive than the usual tutorial though as you get to ask the teachers questions. recommended!
I've used them for a cupcake order before and found them to be just a bit too big so I just cut them down to size a little before joining all the parts up.Because of having to cut them down a little they did quite a bit longer than they normally would.
Just for a different opinion, I really like my Master Class cake tins. Although, I haven't used the Magic Line brand of tins so I may be missing out on something fantastic Might have to buy one just to do a comparison.
Another dedicated follower of Craftsy classes here - have found them very handy so far. I hope they continue the fantastic classes!I have asked for Craftsy classes for Christmas presents this year - cheap and extremely well received!!
Hi everyone,I just wanted to say I just hosted my first official wedding cake tasting yesterday and I am very excited about it all. The young bride and groom gave me lovely feedback and said they couldn't think of a thing that they would want to change and they were super chuffed with the cake and buttercream selections to choose from. I think I got lucky and got a really lovely couple for my first official wedding cake. They are having a vintage afternoon tea sort of...
For anyone in Aus looking for a really good box supply place that does a box specifically for tiered cakes, you could try this place: bought this box and loved it - perfect for transporting cakes of two or three tiers.
You are all amazing. Thank you so much!!
Hi there,I have been trawling the net looking for a good formula to use for scaling up cake recipes. One formula I've found takes the size of the pan you want to use (for me this would be 14") and the size of the pan your original recipe uses (for me this is 6"). The formula is 14" divided by 6 which gives you 2.33. So you times each ingredient amount by 2.33.The thing is though, I've doubled this recipe before and it gives me enough batter for an 8" tin but there will...
I would use your giant cupcake silicone pan and then fondant accents to highlight the swirls on the top. It would be easier than carving I think.Buttercream would be absolutely fine to crumb coat it with.For the board, it looks as though they have take a snake of white fondant and a snake of pink and rolled them up together and then rolled them flat. Someone else may have a better technique for that though as I've never done it myself. For the bottom section of the cake...
Hi there - what about a butterfly theme? Not too old or young and can be as pink and girly as you like
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