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If it's piped RI or something then you can pipe in a yellowy colour and then paint over it with gold once it's dry.If it's a large area you need to cover then you can buy PME gold lustre spray or Wilton gold spray (I prefer PME) which makes covering large areas easier. Again, if you start with a yellowy coloured fondant it looks good.Gold buttercream - I have no idea. I have only ever managed to get a golden yellow buttercream. No clue if you can produce a metallic gold...
I transported gumpaste flowers in cake boxes. I lined each box with loads of paper towel, kind of lightly scrunched up, to provide a soft but supportive base for the flowers and laid them on that. I didn't layer up the flowers, just one layer per box. I made a load of spare flowers just in case but didn't end up needing them. Hope that helps a bit!
Yes, you should do. It can just take quite a bit of colouring to get the colour you're after. I think there are a few different brands that other people recommend but I just can't remember the names of them at the moment. I'm a huge fan of natural dried fruit colourings for a lot of things but you wouldn't be able to achieve a full on bright red or yellow with those, they are better for pastel shades, but I really like the flavour they give.
I think this depends on how much colouring you put in and also what brand you use. Americolor colouring gives quite vibrant results.
I think the silver foil liners would be much more suitable than the plain white ones - just gives a little hint of shiny shiny For decoration of the top carrot cake tier, you could cover it with sparkling white sanding sugar which would catch the light nicely. With a diamante brooch or something with Swarovski crystals? Or edible diamonds. Is there enough room between tiers to fix some sort of crystal beading border to the cake stand - that can look quite pretty...
You can get a glaze spray that PME does that gives everything a really nice shiny look. The pearl spray may make your hot pink a little muted and your black accents more grey... depending on how much you use I guess. I would go with the glaze spray.
I quite like the PME metallic lustre sprays for doing large areas. I find on the larger areas it helps me get a more even look.
Hi Danilou. Craftsy are online classes. More interactive than the usual tutorial though as you get to ask the teachers questions. recommended!
I've used them for a cupcake order before and found them to be just a bit too big so I just cut them down to size a little before joining all the parts up.Because of having to cut them down a little they did quite a bit longer than they normally would.
Just for a different opinion, I really like my Master Class cake tins. Although, I haven't used the Magic Line brand of tins so I may be missing out on something fantastic Might have to buy one just to do a comparison.
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