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Hi Irishgrl77,Do you mean a three tier cake or just a cake that's going to have three layers but will just be a single cake?If it's going to be three tiers then you would need some support structure otherwise the tiers will just sink into one another. You don't have to use dowels, you can use drinking straws (bubble tea ones are great but if you can't find those in your cornershop then normal ones would work fine too).If it is just one cake with three layers to it then...
I think we're always hardest on ourselves about our cakes but other people love them.Looking forward to seeing a pic of the final cake!
I would go with leah's suggestion of coloured chocolate - tastes much nicer
Don't be nervous. Take it as a big compliment that the person who ordered your cake obviously likes your stuff.Having had a quick look in your photo gallery you can clearly handle a three tier cake with ease!It will be fabulous
My understanding is that because the cream is brought to boiling or near boiling point when making the ganache it changes the structure of the cream and so it no longer needs to be treated like a dairy product. So no, I don't think you do have to refrigerate after decorating. Refrigerating will give you a nice hard surface to cover with fondant though.
Ahh, that link shows the cake much closer up Looks like the fondant circles smooshed together to me too.
I can't see the pic very clearly but to me it looks as though lines of fondant have been folded in on themselves and stuck to the side of the cake. Kind of like those cupcakes I've seen where the fondant is cut out in circles and then loosely folded over on itself twice to create a ruffled look. Very pretty look!
For a night sky I would probably do a midnight blue (I think Americolor do a navy blue and royal blue - maybe mix them up til you get the shade you want) and then either handpaint on some silver twinkly stars or do a very light smattering spray of silver lustre spray over the top.
Hi kakeladi - I just checked my metallic silver PME lustre spray and it says it is edible food colouring to decorate and colour chooclate, sugar, cakes, biscuits, pralines etc....I don't have the gold PME lustre spray to hand but would assume it is the same (checked the pearl, pink and glaze I have and they are the same). Is the PME spray different in the US? Are the UK ones different?I also have Rainbow Dust's gold metallic food paint which is 100% edible. It is even...
Another method I've seen (although I haven't used myself yet) is to roll a long sausage of fondant and glue that to the side of your cake in a line where you want your flowers to go. You can then stick your flowers into the fondant sausage without anything going into your actual cake.
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