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Woops....  I made my RI too stiff and my piping, which was meant to look like a lovely graceful swirl more closely resembles little rude dudes.   Pick-up of the cake was supposed to be at 10am so was panicking slightly and wanting to fix things but didn't think I had enough time.  40 minutes later and they still haven't arrived to pick up their cake so I'm now leaning more towards 'stuff them and their spermy cake!'   I think I need some more sleep.....
I have a recipe that did this and it took me ages to figure out what I was doing wrong.  Turns out I was beating it for too long once the flour had been added to the creamed butter/sugar/egg mix.  Now I know that with this particular recipe I mix until just combined (even though the recipe says differently!) and it turns out perfectly each time now.   Hope that helps!   Cheers, J   :)
Hi Charlooola,   Cream cheese frosting under fondant can cause a few issues as the fondant can start to dissolve when it comes into contact with the cream cheese.  I'd suggest using the cream cheese frosting as a filling and then use SMBC or some other frosting to cover the cake where it's going to come directly into contact with the frosting.   I've flavoured SMBC with LorAnn's cheesecake flavouring before and had really nice comments about the flavor combination of...
DanaNZ - I love your mermaid cake, such a cute idea!   Gumpaste does go hard a lot quicker than fondant, but if you keep the gumpaste well wrapped in the heavy duty plastic it comes in and sealed in an air tight container it will be fine.   :)
Maybe up your ratio of cream to chocolate so it's a bit more spreadable once it's at room temp.     If my ganache is a bit too thick to spread I usually fill the sink with hot water and rest the bowl in there for a little while, stirring at the same time.  Makes it a bit easier to judge when it's had enough heat.   I generally use a 2:1 ratio for milk choc ganache, nice and spreadable but firms up nicely in the fridge.   
I recently delivered a wedding cake in 44 C Aussie heat and the air con in the car just wasn't up to that heat. The bottom tier didn't end up surviving the half hour trip.  I had some great tips from K8Memphis after the event to prevent the disaster happening again -   If you're using ganache, up the ratio of chocolate to cream to help it stay firmer.  I'd also suggest refrigerating before travelling...
I've been asked for this sort of thing quite often. I usually just do a little 5" and 7" two tier cake for requests like this.
This isn't really a gripe, more just a cute question I was asked by a groom about his upcoming wedding cake.  He wondered if the cake were to have tiers with alternating flavours (chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla) if it would just look weird.  Bless his little cottons...   Reassured him that with the same colour fondant covering the whole cake he could have whatever flavours he wanted in there - so cute!   :)
I had some feedback from the groom's sister, who ordered the cake. She loved it, the bride & groom loved it and everyone said how delicious and beautiful it was. How lucky to get such a lovely, understanding bunch of people!!
Thanks for the kind words everyone!   K8memphis - excellent idea, I will be doing just that next cake delivery in a couple of weeks!!
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