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I usually just use a metallic gold airbrush paint but I haven't done such big surface areas before so not sure how it would go on such a big area.  I guess you could airbrush the top of the cakes and then hand paint the rest - if you have time, experiment with a few different products...  some work better than others   :)
I'd probably go with royal icing, just because i find it holds gold better than ganache.  I'd do the royal icing in a pale yellow colour, let it set so it's completely dry and then paint over by hand with edible gold paint and a new paintbrush.   Where are you having problems in particular?   Cheers, :)
MBalaska - it certainly felt like it took forever!  The double barrels were both around the 8" mark, and the other two tiers were on the 4" mark, so a good 24" just in cake, and then the wonderful gramophone cake stand added quite a bit of extra height.  The whole thing (table included) was much taller than I am and I'm 5'8"!  
anaelisabethlee - gorgeous cakes, I love the muffin!   mattyeatscakes - love that ghost cake, so cute!   cazza1 - such pretty frangipanis   :)     My efforts this week were all on a huge art deco cake for a wedding yesterday.  The theme was Gatsby, the room had a beautiful champagne saucer tower and I loved the gramophone that the bride provided as a cake stand!!  
Hahaha, okay, just disassembled the double barrel and guess what....  yep, I had remembered to put the supports in after all!!   Now I have to re-fondant that fecker!!    :)   Thanks for responding jennicake!
What about driving a metal rod through the cake board?  I'm just not sure I have enough time to redo the whole double barrel.  What do you think?
Hi everyone,   I've got a wedding cake due today.  It's all done, everything is complete, I just need to get it to the venue later this afternoon.   One of the tiers is a double barrel and I can't for the life of me remember if I put supports in the bottom section of the double barrel last night as I was frosting and assembling.  I can remember doing the top, but can't remember doing the bottom!   The top two tiers are dummy tiers - there's some weight to them but...
She posted pics on Facebook of all the kids enjoying the cake so I can only assume she was happy with it.  Her partner who picked them up said they were perfect.  I have no idea.  Anyway, on the list she goes!  
I have a lady who has just made it onto my 'no cake for you' list.  I work with her and she sent email after email with requests for cakes for her twin girls and I was very accommodating and patient (just like I was with her last year).     She asked if we could change this, change that - all no problem at all.  She took ages to respond to any of my questions to get clarification on certain points but the cakes were really really simple as she wanted something a bit...
A different way to get the height required with fruitcakes is to just use two of the thick cake drums at the bottom of the cake instead of the thinner cake board.  I've done that on previous occasions and the brides were perfectly happy with it.  My fruitcake bakes up to about 3.5 inches on its own.
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