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Thanks Jason! I've been looking up diabetic recipes all afternoon and none of them sound as nice as a "proper" cake so I think I will go with the "just have a teeny bit" route. They could always peel off the fondant to limit the sugar/carb damage anyway.
Hi guys I've been asked to make a novelty cake for a diabetic lady and have absolutely no idea where to start! Can anybody please help with: 1) A sponge cake recipe that is suitable for carving into the shape of a handbag. 2) An alternative to fondant as I'm guessing there probably isn't a sugar-free version. Many thanks! Ali
Thanks for all the help everybody. I'm from the UK and my oven works in degrees centigrade.
Yes, that makes sense. The bucket is 6 inches in diameter at the top and I got most of a 4 egg sponge mix into it. I baked it at 170.I completely forgot to put the flower nail in the bottom.
Thank you - I was sure it was cooked because my cake tester was coming out clean but perhaps it wasn't then. The texture seems to be ok and the kids didn't complain about it.Maybe it' will be safer to go with carving a bucket shaped (as in the baby in a flowerpot tutorial) than try to be clever and take a seemingly easier route. Thank goodness I decided to test it out a good few weeks in advance!Ali
Hi everybody, I've been a member for a while but not posted before.I tried out an idea I had of baking a cake in a stainless steel bucket earlier on but when I cut into it (after the kids decorated it and then had sufficiently nagged me enough to let them have a piece) there was a huge hole in the centre.I've attached a photo of the problem.Does anybody know what would have caused this?Thanks.Ali
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