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I have several fellow cake decoraters that I follow on Facebook. One in paticular was posting a picture of her working on a cake the other day. She had her hair down and it was dangling in front of her face and in her cake! Another photo you can see her working on the cake with chipped black nail polish! I couldnt believe she would put that on Facebook for her customers to see. Or even that she would do that to begin with. I always put my hair up and never wear nail...
Yes, I just moved to Kansas. Sorry, I wasnt here to clear that up. I need to change that on my profile.
Those of you that live in a cottage food law state, do you mention on you website that you are a home based bakery, and how do you word things? Just trying to get some ideas for the best way to do things. Also, should I register my business name with my state? Are there other things I need to operate legally?I just want to say everyone here is always so helpful. Ya'll are awesome!Thanks!
Hi, we just moved to Kansas, and I'm trying to get things started here. I've found out that I can bake from home in Kansas with some restrictions. What I need to know, is should I register as an LLC? Also, do I need to register my business name with the state? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
possibly use candy melts to make the taco shells out of and use buttercream to mimid the meat, lettuce and cheese inside? I would probably use a small rolling pin, like the wilton one you use for fondant and cover it with parchment paper then pipe the candy melt onto it. That way it's curved like a taco shell. Just an idea though. Hope it helps.
So, this weekend, I made a cake for a friends daughters first birthday. It was a princess themed sheet cake and a matching princess smash cake. I made the smash cake, no problems there. I wanted to make an edible tiara. So I made one from gumpaste earlier in the week. Go to put it on the cake and it breaks in half. Ok, so moving on I dont have time to wait for another one to dry. So I make one using a pattern and piping wilton candy melt onto parchment paper. It...
How do you like them? I was reading the reviews and most were good, but there were alot of bad reviews too about the motor burning out quickly. But I was thinking that was maybe from thicker doughs, like bread. I'll just be making cake and cookies.
Just wanted to share that I found a great deal on the Kitchen Aide Pro 600 Series 6 qt mixer today. Normally $500, I got it for $279 plus free shipping on Amazon today. It's just the silver one though, not the cinammon gloss one.
I appreciate the input. I am just begining to gather information to put together for a business plan, and your post has really helped with some of the things that will need to be included and what I need to research. I'm not able to do anything but plan right now, as my husband is still in the military. We have an option for our loan through the VA, but I want to be prepared when we are ready to take the next step.
Some of you might already know that I am in the very beginning stages of research and planning for a cupcake shop. I'm researching the competition in the area that I would like to open, and there is one other cupcake shop in the area, about five miles away. The town has a population of about 50,000. The area I would like to open in is in the heart of the shoping district. The other shop is more on the outskirts of town. Hubby thinks I'm crazy and one town doesnt need...
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