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  Cheers to your dad!
Oh my goodness…!  Was your dad a widower?  Sometimes widowers are so sad they don't' think straight.  I can think of a few who were in this state of mind when they re-married. I think the OP should tell her brother no.  If he continues to contact her then she will know he really is trying to make amends.
Well, he certainly needs to come over for a "consult," during which you can hopefully make amends.  I do hope, however, he is not just looking for a free cake, that would not be nice.  (I would do the cake for free if $$ is not a problem, but only if he is truly wanting to be a part of your life.)
Yes, those expenses, marketing, e.t.c., would be part of overhead costs.  Also make sure your time estimations are correct.  It takes me far longer than I think it will take when I make a cake.   Also, where are you finding a cake box for just .60?  Are you buying in massive bulk?  I cannot find one that cheap at all! I think it's more than $5.00 for water, electric, gas…but I live in an expensive area.  Don't forget about the cost of laundry to wash dishtowels.  silly...
You can make your own buttercream if it works well for piping. It's definitely a class for extreme beginners, or should I say with extreme beginners in it. Our instructor was spending time adding powdered sugar to people's buttercream.  We had a few who tried to make the buttercream with margarine from a tub…the instructor had to explain why real butter is necessary.   I had fun taking the class but I learned more on Youtube.
Yes, it needs to be a capital for sure.  Just thinking of traditional religious events and it would be a huge deal not to do this.
I actually like the cake you made better.
Not sure what her complaint is.  She bought the roses and asked for a small cake… It looks very similar to the picture she provided.    It is always a tendency to offer a discount to make someone happy, though.
You can use cream cheese icing in TX under the CFL….see my post on this thread.  I used an emulation once and it tasted nothing like cream cheese.
We had a caterer, but just the image of my own  mother trying to cut my wedding cake makes me giggle.  My mother was handling all my wedding details, but had she had to cut my cake it would have ended up on the floor…    It is easy though if you know what you're doing!
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