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It's a cute cake.  I agree the buttercream could be made smoother, but that will come with time.  if you want to try baking for people, you can keep it simple by practicing on friends, family and friends of friends and family.  Easy enough to legalize your kitchen if allowed in your county.  You will know if the business is for your or not if you start small.  I did it this way and I am so glad I stayed small…my day job is far more fun!
Yay Ellavanilla!  That cover makes me want a cake from you!
Bob Diamond's daughter (the fired investment banker in the UK)  recently held a wedding for his daughter.  He spent several million on it and she had a naked cake, of all things…   I actually did not care for the $200,000+ dress or cake myself, I feel several million dollars on a wedding could have been better spent.  Also, not sure of the need to impress others by spending excessive money on something…although I'm sure his guests had a great time at the wedding.  I'm...
Are you sure all of the FB businesses you see are not legit?  I have a FB page… Some are legit and their cakes are cheap, they shouldn't be but they are…
Melted chocolate on a heating pad…just imagining this for the next time I have a sore neck…LOL  
Sorry! My only guess is that it was the condensation from being inside the bag.  The gel color may not have dried long enough before it was placed inside the bag.
MOB wants free cake, IMHO.  You were generous to offer the refund.  I would check with the caterer about what went on with the cake.   Maybe cake contracts should have a clause that says "all refund requests must be sent within 24 hours of noticing cake has not been eaten, and a refund will be at the discretion of the baker."  I think she waited entirely too long to let you know she didn't like the cake.
I think it's a cool idea and I might consider doing it someday!   It reminds me of cubic zirconia.  I cannot even believe how real a CZ looks …no one except a gemologist with a magnifier can tell!   I absolutely LOVE diamonds  so I own quite a few cubic zirconia items…LOL    I can't afford real diamonds but I really love them and want to wear them so "it's faux I go".    same for fur…the fake stuff looks real.
Those are lucky kids that you nanny for!!  What an adorable and perfect looking cake of Gossie and Gertie!
Not so true about McDonalds:   Ronald McDonald houses might not exist today without the wife of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds.  She established an endowment of $500,000 for each RM house that opened in the US, using her McDonald's shareholder status/income.  So McDonald's did indeed play a huge role in those RM houses as she chose to allocate all of that seed money to them.   Ronald McDonald houses were founded in honor of Ray Kroc, as he was a children's...
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