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I am in complete agreement with all most everyone else, I HATE this new set up!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go back to the other set up?!?!?!?! I can't find any of my saved stuff let alone save new things because the options just are not showing up! UGH!!!!:
Thanks for posting this! Congratulations!!! I!d much rather be where you are today, its supposed to be 103 here!
I received both packs as a gift & I LOVE them. They work beautifully, in my opinion.
Thank you all so much for all the great websites & the other ideas, which are also fantastic because that's something I would have NEVER thought of myself! To Mb20fan, I am so sorry! You were so right to ask me those questions. I'm embarrassed that I didn't even think to give all you sweet people that basic information. The bottom tier is either going to be a 12" or 14" round.
Hi My3 older sisters & I planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary party & my sisters have given me the huge honor of making their cake. I have the design, with a lot of inspiration from all of you wonderful people here on CC but I feel that a beautiful cake should have a beautiful cake stand as well. I see such pretty stands all over here but where can them?Thank you one & all for any help you can give me!
I also am a HOBBY baker/decorated & I bought my Wilton set the exact same way as Apti. I LOVE my Wilton set of hexagons.
Oh my dear, if you have your heart set on making your own wedding cake then by all means go for it! As a former bride & the step mother of an soon to be bride, really think about it. Are going to really want that added stress the week of your wedding? Depending on how much help you have planning your big day can make the world of difference. I LOVE the cake you want. I did a quick search here on CC & I was surprised to find no tutorial on quilling but I would google...
Oh my friend, I feel you with this tin! I have nightmares every time someone requests it. Everytime I make it I always put cake batter in the core also. I wouldn't forte it either. I think it would make even more of a nightmare for you to be honest. Best of luck to you! Please let me know how everything turns out for you.
It's more like which ones DON'T I watch! Any cake or cupcake show I can find, I record. I watch the three you have listed plus Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss (who's new season starts Monday), D.C Cupcakes. Two shows I can't seem to find anymore is Amazing Wedding Cakes & Have Cake, Will Travel. Amazing Wedding Cakes was my favorite & I picked up a lot of tips & ideas from the designers. Also Ace of Cakes but is that even on anymore?
BooperBaker78 - Thank you so much for sharing your secret recipe!!!!! Just from reading the ingredients I can understand why your cakes called the best in town!!!! Thanks again!
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