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It really depends on how much it cost you to make them. I have to charge more than that for cookies because I use more expensive chocolate. How much did your ingredients cost for 1 batch and how much did that one batch make?
It really depends on the cost of your ingredients.. I have no idea what goes into them so I couldn't tell you for sure.. But most of my specialty cupcakes I charge $3.50
Whats the recipe your using?
What is she actually asking for? A full refund? Honestly the belt seems pretty important to the design. I would see what shes looking for first and them offer her up to $50 back. I mean if they ate the cake I don't think a full refund is fair.
Thank you!
I supported the cake tall tier every 4 inches. It was 8 inches tall on its own. Thank you everyone for the kind words and advice. I actually traveled with it partialy unstacked. The 12 and 10 were stacked. The 8 tall was by itself and the 6 was by itself and I put it all together when I got there. I left the dowel in but showed the person that would be cutting it how to get it out. I have a feeling it was probably a guest and thats why the bride didn't want to say...
I did use a level on the table. It was off so we tried pushing the legs on one side more into the ground. I did all the set up and 30 minutes later checked the level and it was still good. I have a feeling the guest could have been a problem too. They had the table too close to the entrance. I didn't even think the double 8inch would be a problem. But not that I think about it I think she said it was only the top 1/2 that leaned so that could have been the issue.Thank you...
My starting price would be $300 and go up if the decoration is very time cosuming
I made this wedding cake for June 2nd.It was an outdoor wedding in the middle of the day.It was about 75-82 degrees through the day. Folding table on grass (Everyones favorite)I talked them out of all perishable filling and anything that would be unstable. Stacked and supported the cake the way I always do. with double cake boards and thick platic dowels. 1 dowel straight through the center.The cake started to lean about an hour before the cutting.It didn't fall thank...
Talk to the bride. Maybe use 2 colors instead of all. If there are colors that actually match the dresses. I would lean towrds those first. I would be so tempted to also add a tier with lines on it.
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