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Jenni2383...never seen the show you mentioned, but if the woman was from NY and had big round black glasses, that would be Sylvia Weinstock
I like the bucket of beer idea and add the fraternity's greek letters onto the bucket or something.
Here is mine with 107 favorites...I had fun doing this cake!
I love 3d cakes, don't make them much, but they are so cool! Here are mine...
I think it looks great! Why do you think it is ugly? What did the customer request?
I don't make roses very often, buttercream are quick and easy, but for look (which I take into consideration first), I always go with fondant/gumpaste mixed together.
When I am decorating a cake that I plan on airbrushing, I practice layering different colors on a white piece of paper to see which combo looks like the color I need. I see to always need to layer when i am doing an all over color.
Go For it!Florimbio-I don't think you are being a stick in the mud, you are right to be cautious!
I would stay away from any baked/decorated goods. Stick to buying something she needs off the registry and not make this a competition. As jmt1714 said, the shower is for the mom to be and you are their to celebrate her and her new baby.
I like the I DO cake...the car on it is PERFECT for someone getting their liscence! I would do something very similar, different colors like aqua, white and little pale yellow. Not too frilly with those colors, but still girly colors.
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