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How did you all decide on your business logo? Did you design it yourself or find something online? I have one I'm not extremely happy with and just wondered what everyone else does.....please discuss
I have a large cake to do for this Saturday. It's my first "big cake" ( 5 tieres etc). Would love to get an early start like Wednesday and Thursday but if I cover them with fondant on Wednesday or Thursday they won't still be fresh on Saturday will they? When should I start the covering and how do I store it so it stays fresh? (or do I store it at all....maybe I let it sit out?)
That is with no labor costs. I don't have any overhead yet since I'm at home (haven't gotten a store front yet). I'm looking at getting a storefront with a very low rent but I don't know when that will be happening for sure. Obviously that means when I DO get into a storefront my prices may need to be higher (i have NO idea what my overhead costs would be yet).ps. thanks so much for helping me figure this out!!
I couldn't agree more about the adding extra price on. I'm so new to this business (spent last 9 years as a teacher) that I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the idea of selling my "wares" and "services" and actually having them be WORTH something. I guess I'm just not sure yet how to go about marketing myself as an affordable cake business that will get people in the door and keep returning AND be able to make money at the same time.Can you tell me how you price...
Hi all!I know in larger more affluent cities we can charge more for our cakes but where I live the town is just too small for people to afford higher prices which would eventually mean no business for me. For example - a friend of mine wanted to order a three tier topsy turvy cake from the company across town and they wanted 120 bucks for it. Obviously that sounds pretty reasonable but she ended up leaving because she couldn't afford it. So my question is, how low can I go... I would like to try to replicate the bottom portion of this cake (the bottom 3 or 4 layers). My question is, how do I go about laying the fondant to look like a dress without it breaking apart or cracking??? Advice??(Mod edited to provide working link.)
wow that first one is perfect!! Thank you so much!!
This is the first time I'm going to REALLY be getting my new business name out there...I have a new project to prepare for. I'm doing a 17th century "spring time in Paris/french garden" cake for a ball coming up in April. I have to feed at least 150 people and they're asking for a sort of Marie Antoinette feel......I want this to be as impressive as possible cause this ball will be attended by all the "important" people of my area! This is make it or break it time!IDEAS?????
Thanks guys! I really am looking for no specific brand since. I'm new at this and don't know all the brands out there besides Wiltons. I'm not sure where there is a Michael's around me but I'll be near one this weekend!!!! YAY! I'll also look at that website you guys mentioned! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I'm curious as to how you all get fondant in colors like Red or Black. I would like to buy a tub of black fondant for a project I'm going ot be working on but have never purchased fondant wholesale before. Any suggetions!??? Thanks for your help!!!
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