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Thanks so much everyone!! You have all helped a lot!
I freeze my cake layers until I fill, stack and crumb coat them. Then refrigerate for a few hours until I decorate. Once it's completely decorated, it goes back into the fridge until the day of the event (enough time to come to room temperature)It's kinda impossible to wrap in plastic or foil once it's completely decorated. Will a fully decorated unwrapped cake dry out in the fridge over 24-48 hours?Also, do simple syrups help?
Thank you! So thin it and use it alone, no added icing between the layers. will it get to thick staying in the fridge for a day or two?I'm using a bourbon cream cheese icing... It's for a guys birthday I really appreciate your response!
Hi! I am making a simple vanilla sheet cake and using the praline pecan filling recipe from this site : cake layers are in the freezer and I've made the filling so I can start assembly tomorrow. The filling is rather thick, I actually kneaded the last of the powdered sugar in (plus I added pecans) ...So my question is, should I put some of my icing down first before the praline filling, or can I use...
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