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I bake my cakes, one day in advance or the same day, it depend. But, my cakes always go back in the fridge in the box and I never received any complains and my cakes are always moist as per my clients. I suggest that you use a simple syrup before frosting / large eggs. If a chocolate cake, the recipe says 1 cup of hot water, use 1 cup of fresh brew coffee instead of the water.I hope that help, Good work.
Try using a brown color mix with a little vodka.
It is a very nice cake. Next time try to set your price with your client first, make them understand that your time is valuable and also your creativity. I tell people that I use the best and from scrach and I use my imagination for every cake that I make, so if they cannot pay me they are welcome to go buy a cake at Wallmart or elsewhre. So keep up the good work and enjoy what you do.
Do not feel bad, all I can say is that he is old and they see thing differently...that does not mean that you have to give up something you love doing. Maybe next time make a cake with a smiling face or with the family picture... Hang in there.
I use it on all my cakes, keep it moist. 1 cup of water / 1 cup of sugar. you can also use flavoring such as Amaretto or Orange liquor.Hope that help.Merry Christmas,
You use buttercream to stick the fondant to the cake. if it is not a big cake, try graham crackers.
Sorry:21/4 cups all-purpose flour.
Just remember that your time is priceless.
try the recipe: hope that help:1 cup candied pineapple Chunks1/2 cup candied Red Cherries1/2 cup candied Green Cherries2 TBSP candied Lemon Peel1 TBSP candied Citron, diced1/2 cup Brandy9 eggs11/2 cup light brown sugar packed11/2 TSP Vanilla21/4 TSP Baking Powder1/2 cup pecans, coarsely chopped1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips2 TSP Grated fresh orange peelGood Luck,Annie
I think that you should bill your friends as you usually bill your customers. Make them understand that you do not do this for fun and your time is priceless. If they do not understand tell them to go buy their cakes at a store because the cakes that we make taste better than the store bought. Do not be afraid, just put your foot down.
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