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Hello All, I've never bought or even used Candy Molds before. I'm Looking to make some Chocolate Treats for a Cake that I will be making for a Baby Shower.Also Some Chocolate Lolly Pops also.I have looked at the ones at My Local Micheal's and Joann Fabrics. Also online at Global Sugar Art and Sugar Craft.I have heard good things about Global Sugar Art but Nothing about Sugar Craft ?????Any Opinions? Any other sites that anyone thinks I should look into that they have...
computer must be triping cant get photo to load. Its in the right format and size but wont work I'll keep trying and i will try to find a cake decorating store in my area. the only ones i know of is micheal's and joeann fabrics thanks maybe if i wait a while it will load
K call me stupid but are cake dividers the same as cake boards?working on a design for a cake here in a few months and I read something about "cake dividers" in another design that is like the one I want to possible do. Thank You P.S. If they are different then can I find them at Micheal's or ????? I dont spend time browsing any more it cost me too much hehehehe Thanks
LOL! Too Funny needed a good laugh Thanks
I put too much batter in the pans I guess. It looks like it is going to exploded. Which is ok It will be catched and all good. But will the cake turn out ok after leveling?????
To Many too name at this time but if I had to pick just one My Kitchen Aide Mixer would be on the very very top of that list
I have a question on the same topic. I hope it is ok to ask it here. I have some buttercream roses I did last night and I would like to add a little sparkle too them. How would you add Luster dust to them?Vodka? I have never used the dust before.Thank You for any Help
Awesome Thank You So much. 2/3 it is. Also Thanks for the tip on the parchment around the sides. I sure wouldn't want to have to clean up cake batter from all over my oven. Thanks
Thank You
I have read a few places that some have had issues with the WASC not rising?I'm making 2 10x2 cakes. I was wondering how far should I fill the pans? All the way up? Half way up?2/3's? ???????? Any other tips you can give me. This will be my 1st time using this recipe and i can not afford to mess up. ThanksI will be using parchment paper circle at the bottom, baking strips, flower nail and cake release.Thank You
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