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I actually just tried the template on flour confections website for the kopykake 2" circles and they don't match so it won't work :S
where do you find the kopykake 2.5" circle templates?
what type of paint did you use for the lid? just vodka and food coloring?
anyone have any pointers as to how to go about making this papa smurf cake? am a little stuck as to how I should do the nose and ears?To cover in fondant, do I just cut my pieces into the shape of the area to be covered and fill in the seems with piping?
Does anyone know how I can get a silver colored buttercream? Can I color the buttercream this or can I paint it after?
I can't seem to get my sugar to stick to the board. I use piping gel and some sugar sticks and lots doesn't. If I shake the board lots still comes off. Is that normal?Also if I want to stick gumpaste letters on this how do I do this?
I usually use Americolor, I especially like the blacka and red colors as they are true to color as opposed to Wilton's. I came across some Ateco colors and wanted to see if people have used these before and are they true to color like the Americolor and what their opinion on them are?
would any of these methods work if I wanted to attach my letters to sanding sugar?
has anyone figured out how to attach lettering to sanding sugar? I rather them be in place and not move around if possible.
does anyone know how many the mickey mouse cake pan serves?
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