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you could try a mini sifter. It should be close to the texture I think?
Once you crush the rice krispies do you add less marshmallows? I have always just kind of crushed them as I mix the marshmallows in, but I think I want to try crushing them first.
I have with some of my projects used a serated knife to carve off some of the bumps... It works ok . Have never tried candy melts. I have to do a wine bottle and barrel soon so think I will try that. Do you just melt them and brush them on? Should I do a few coats? Thanks a bunch !
Thank you very much !
Sorry, I am sure I just missed it, but where do I find Nick Lodges gumpast recipe? Is it in the recipe section?? I couldn't find in. Thanx.
I haven't even heard of any of these...
I only have the choice between Wilton or Satin ice (which I have not tried) . I like working with wiltons .. but not the taste.
thank you
what is this recipe for buttercream recipe please? I need a new one that crusts over and is not too sweet... thanks.
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