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Edna De La Cruz has a set of fantasy flowers on her web store, I used them for one of my cakes
Thanks Diane, I just came back form the store and loved it!! They have many items not found at decorating supply stores in the area and the owner is willing to order anything you need. Very good customer service!!
OMG, I cant believe Im still alive after this much stress at the end, but its done!!! I am self taught and enjoying every step!!! thanks for all the inspiration, tutorials and forum posts.
I will be baking a 14 inch square next week and I am not sure how many cores to use ...any suggestions please.!!!!!!!!
this might answer your question
Mine was rkt covered in buttercream and fondant. Hand sculpted the rkt (my first time) and it was easier than expected, I also inserted straws and cake board between cake and strawberry.
I'm looking for a strawberry pound cake recipe, prefer with either cake flour or presto flour. Thanks
Well, I bought a long white cone shape styrofoam at hobby Lobby, cut the top inch or so, (enough to make a sturdy base for the next part)and covered in gumpaste/fondant and textured it..let dry....then I got a round plastic bowl with a flat bottom, cut some window shapes and covered in gp/fondant., the sides and bottom only ( I left the top open so that I could place a battery tea light inside)....let dry. For the removable top ,I just cut a round thick piece of gumpaste...
Thanks to both !!!!
Has anyone added simple syrup to a Red Velvet Cake?
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