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Thanks....that's what I was afraid of.   
I am supplying 120 marble-cake, buttercream-iced cupcakes for a wedding this Saturday.  The temperature is supposed to be in the low to mid 70's.   I want to set them up on the display stand Saturday morning by 10 a.m., taking them out of the freezer about an hour beforehand.  They probably won't be eaten until 7 p.m. that evening.  Will they still be fresh? 
Thanks, I'll be experimenting before I do it.
Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions!
Thank you so much!  That's definitely the way to go!
I am tasked with getting an ombre effect on the fondant that covers the cake, not as ruffles or other "layers" that I could easily get that effect with, but on the flat fondant that covers the cake as one piece.  I hope I'm explaining this properly.  I'm thinking the only way I could do it would be with a spray gun, but I'd love to do it where it's incorporated right into the fondant instead if I could.  As there are more than one cake tiers, they all have to match....
Ooops......You know what? Upon closer inspection, I'm thinking that it's probably not fondant at all, but royal icing. Sorry.
I've been searching the net high and low to find out how this is done. I've seen pictures where someone has used one colour of fondant, then it looks like another colour was infused right into the first fondant, as a stripe or flower or some other shape, but the two colours remain totally separate and perfect. It's not a marble effect, it's like two colours infused into the fondant. I'd love to know how this is done if anyone can understand what I'm trying to say. ...
I will blindly jump in with both feet and hope for the best. Thanks for your answers!
Thanks everyone for your great answers! I really appreciate it! Yes, they will be decorated sugar cookies, not drop cookies. Yes, I'm excited about the order, I've never done a big one like this...keeping my fingers and toes crossed.Thanks again for your super answers and suggestions!
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