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wow, thanks everyone for your suggestions. I am going to look at joint compound (I think you mean wall mud for cracks)? I also like using homemade fondant...much cheaper. Would Royal Icing harden?I buy all my cake dummies at Bulk Barn in Canada. I usually use them to lay my figurines on to dry.
I have the same question! I have searched the web for information and can't seem to find anything. There was this artificial icing on ebay...but it would cost me an arm and leg to ship it to me. I think fondant is the only option. Maybe royal it hardens....I would suggest asking a Cake shop...especially if they have them displayed in their windows.
Hi fellow cakers....I am looking to try "pastillage" to create some 3D structures (building storefronts, signs)...and I have heard about this super quick drying "pastillage"...used for food scultures...I have seen some on here used to make "chairs"...dries harder than fondant and sugarpaste. Any assistance would be appreciate...if you can even direct me to a site that has recipes, video instruction???? Help!!!!
Hi,I would use know that hard "flower" stem kind and cover it in green floral ribbon first, then chocolate fondant. The wire can be bent in any shape or direction and the fondant won't melt like modelling chocolate in heat. You could run a fork over the fondant when its formed to give it textured look like bark. When the cake is removed to cut it and pieces are being handed out to the guests, the branches are just set aside. The flowers are still edible, as...
Hi,I would use food colouring and water...I dillute a few drops of brown food colouring in water and brush it on...mostly in the grooves of the shell. You start light and add more as you need it. Let it air dry. I use this method to make my wood grains too.
I have seen texture patterns on rice paper and you just cover the sides with it and it stays on. 100% Edible. Also, have you thought about "stencilling" the pattern on with an airbrush instead or I have a cake cricut that cuts out lacey patterns in fondant and it is then lifted off the matt and placed on top of fondant.
Hi, go to Youtube and watch videos on making "sugar glass"...its only a few ingredients like cream of tartar, sugar and corn syrup...boiled and poured out in a syrup-y texture on crumpled up "aluminum foil" airdry! Use the clear corn syrup.
Hi, I would use egg whites for your "glue". I use it for mine all the time. Not messy like RI or BC....I find BC is too slippery and the flowers "run" away down the cake side. Egg whites works great on fondant. I use a little brush and dab it on the back of the flowers and a little on the sticks great!!!!! AND....NEVER NEVER use toothpicks! Someone is bound to eat one!! Use spaghetti sticks if you need to attach a bigger flower *(like a rose)...always 100%...
What effect are you trying to get? Are you trying to shade your cakes or completely paint them over? I use an airbrush on my cakes for shading and dimension. I use it to "antique" my books/pages. I use "cake paint" make specificially for my cake airbrush. Maybe the paint your are using is too water based. My cakes come out great...I use black, purples and pearl luminous mostly. Go on ebay and search "cake paint"...Americolour is the supplier I buy my stuff from. The...
I use a little dab of egg whites on a brush to "glue" my rice paper name plates on all my cakes. I just dab it on the dries super fast and doesn't "bleed" thru on my image or writing. I use egg whites to glue on all my little flowers on fondant too.
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