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You could use the pans you have and carve it down.
Nevermind. :)
I remember an episode of Cake Boss where they made a pyramid and added some pretty purple flowers. Maybe try finding a picture of the cake from that episode for some inspiration.
Wilton black candy melts are as black as it gets. I use them all the time. I'm not sure what the issue you're having is, but they're definitely black.
Wilton has a chart to show you how many cups of batter you'll need for different sizes.   I believe a boxed mix is about 4 1/2 cups.
Here's a chart for servings:
With those sizes you will be short on servings. You can put your jam over buttercream. When I use fruit fillings, I do a thin layer of ganache or BC, fruit/jam, ganache or BC.
It was probably the knife. A sharp knife works better than a serrated knife.
For me, it works best to move the fondant from the table to the cake with my arms (and it makes a bigger mess too, sigh). It's definitely not the same for everybody.   I roll my fondant just a little thicker for large cakes than I do for smaller cakes.
You should ask carmijok for her recipe. It's great.
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