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not sure why my picture did not appear but here it is again
I followed that video tutorial for a baby shower cake I just did and this was my monkey.  Changes I made was instead of painting royal icing on I got a brand new dobby sponge and pressed a knitted pattern into it before it was dry.  I saw that on another post and it gave it great texture.  I also did 2 black balls flattened for eyes but then I poked 4 indentations in each to make them look more like buttons.  I made my fringe on the hat from my extruder and then followed...
how did you make your knitting impressionmat?  Just curious!
I am actually guessing that she just molded regular 1s, 2s, and 3s and then piped on top of them with a chocolate in a squeeze bottle or pipping bag to get the 3 dimensional scroll work! Even if they didnt do that I bet you could do it that way! Just make sure you candy coating is not too thin, but honestly I am no expert and I would try it first to see if it works
I agree with after you make impression roll it up. I was also thinking you could you a really fine metal sifter to make the impression as well!
there are i am just not sure... I would search ebay for a cheap one of search the cricut message board about borrowing
ohh totally spaced... it has a pentagon as a layer as well...
do you have sports mania cart? there is a good soccer ball on there that you can easily just use the pentagon in the middle
I am not sure I can look when I get home from work. but there was a cricut soccer cart once in a blue moon... it might have been discontinued.
great! thanks for the advice!
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