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I have been wanting to steam fondant for a while. I, too, saw episodes on the Cake Boss and it looks wonderful. Just remembered I purchased a steamer from HSN and I am going to try it next week. I can't wait. Thanks for this site and the sharing subscribers.
Hi - I am trying to find a way to make a cake for my granddaughter's 5th bday. I saw Cake Boss make this. I want to have a carousel with horswes and I want it to revolve around the cake with some sort of electronic turntable within the cake. Is there anyone out there who can assist or tell me a site to go to to learn how to do this. THANKSOh, I switched from Time Warner to ATT so my email address is - just in case it does not come up thanks again
Hi, someone told me to look at a cake that is a rectangle with a Dr. Pepper can on top - i do not know what it it made of, and says happy birthday Cloe. I cannot locate it.l Can anyone assist me. Thanks
I. too, love him and was also disappointed with the show. I was hoping it was an instructional show, not a contest, which i do not particularly enjoy. If it is going to be like this, i will probably not watch it either. Mr. Israel make MARVELOUS cakes though - I have been on his website
Hi, can you please tell me what the 'durable cake' is and where i can get the recipe thanks
Hi, I am new here. This is my first time. I usually make Fluffy Frosting. you cook granulated sugar with water and cream of tarter until it reaches a medium hard ball stage (i believe 260) and meanwhile, you beat 4 egg whites until it reaches peaks and then slowly pour the sugar mixture in the egg mixture and when it is finished, you should have frosting - then add vanilla.I really wanted to know if anyone here lives in Charlotte, NC and knew where i could purchase high...
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