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Just wanted to share with everyone that the black and white designer baking cups from Kroger are excellent! They hold up well, you can see the design (even after baking a dark cupcake), and they are inexpensive. I have another design of theirs also, but haven't tried it yet. I expect it to be good as well.
I purchase the 12 cavity hinged clear plastic cupcake containers from They are perfect for cupcakes. Recently I transported 8 dozen and they arrived as perfectly as they were when I left the house.
I have had problems with greasy liners before too. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It can't be my pans because I've used the same ones for years. I wonder if it often has to do with the paper weight of the liner. I recently used Wilton liners (light pink with white polka dots) that had the greasiest bottoms ever, but then have used many other Wilton liners that didn't do that. I do know some of the best liners I have used are the ones that are more...
I have tried them all and Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe white cake mix is the favorite of mine and everyone I make cakes for. If you actually time your mixing to the minutes the box says, you can see the batter getting fluffier. I like to catch it on sale, and it is just a delicious mix for a very inexpensive price!
I got my 12 opening cupcake boxes from They aren't exactly cheap, but they are handy and of good quality. I love the boxes with the windows and also love that I can use the cupcake inserts or just use the box for a regular cake.
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