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How can I keep the bottoms of my cookies from coming out burned? The first batch is usually ok but the following batches usually end up burned on the bottom. What is the secret? Parchment paper?? A certain cooking spray?? Please help!
Thanks for the update!
No ma'am, I did not. It makes sense though. I will try that next time! Any advice on making it less sweet??
Well, I'm not the crazy one after all. I did post it in the disaster forum and just got a message it was moved here. Makes no sense to me but ok! Think I'm just gonna stop posting all together cuz my posts always get moved elsewhere and it never makes sense to me.
Just noticed this is in the recipe was supposed to go into the disaster forum. Geez, I'm having a bad night all around. I haven't even clicked in the recipe forum tonight...sigh. If a mod can move this it would be much appreciated
Well....attempted my first cake pops today. Watched a couple of youtube videos, including Bakerella's, and felt pretty confident .....well.....these little boogers are harder then they look ! Had some extra batter left from a cake I'm decorating tomorrow and thought I'd experiment. It made a single 8" round. It was WASC and I used store bought cream cheese icing. Made my "dough" and it looked just like the stuff in the videos I had watched so I was super excited. ...
You could offer to give them $100 worth of cupcakes @ the $3/cupcake price and MIL can get the rest somewhere else. That way momzilla can see the difference in her dime store cupcakes up next to your masterpieces and have to sit and listen to everyone rave about yours the whole time! That should put a twist in her knickers lol! This way, though, your mom-to-be who you say is a good customer would have SOMETHING to be proud of at her shower and hopefully not be totally...
Yay! That is her but that is not the website I was on unless it has been redesigned in the last few weeks. The website I was on had free written tutorials on how to do things but now that I know her name I have something to go on! YAY YAY YAY! Thank you soooo much!!
This sounds like a good idea....wish I had thought of that lol!
I found a website a few weeks back of a cake decorator who is supposedly pretty well known (according to her website) for her doe-eyed figurines. Her site had great tutorials on how to make these and other figures out of fondant. I thought I had bookmarked the site but I looked and apparently I did not I do not believe she was from the states either. If anyone has any clue who I may be talking about please let me know. I have conducted several searches on Google...
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