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I wanna try the Swiss style BC as well, but doesn't adding the shortening and confectioner's sugar kinda defeat the whole purpose of making a European style buttercream? No offense to the Crumb Boss (she's awesome), just wondering.
I just recently tried Planet Cake's chocolate mud cake recipe and loved it. It may work for your needs.
There is a different between copyright infringement and the use of terms like kleenex or crisco, which have more or less become synonymous with the items they describe.
I posted a pic of the inside of my most recent cake (the blue one with white leaves) which has 2 red velvet layers. I hope you can tell what the color would be like from that. (I'm not the best photographer in the world )
I have used Sugar Deux's Fast Drying RI that's in the recipe section here. It dries very quickly, and hard. HTH
Way to go New Jersey!!!
I use this red velvet recipe from Carrot Top Mom It comes out fairly dense as a cake, and the last time I made it I used the LoRann red velvet emulsion that I just discovered. HTH and good luck!
Lovelylady, I followed Jan's link to the LoRann site, and the description says it's supposed to add that "red velvet" flavor to the cake. Usually, I use the LoRann emulsions in lieu of vanilla, almond or whatever, but the smell of this one had me a little concerned so I added the vanilla paste just in case. Not that it smelled I wasn't sure of it. Also, I used the cake to make cake balls, so I will cut one open and take a pic so you can see the...
Andrea, I made a scratch red velvet recipe, and used no food coloring, but I did use vanilla paste.
I was in a cake supply store the other day, and ran across a bottle of Red Velvet Emulsion by LorAnn. The woman who ran the shop said to use it instead of the flavorings, and that you could omit the red food coloring because this emulsion would take care of the color. So, I bought it, because I hate using the red gel and not getting the red color I want.When I opened the bottle, it certainly didn't smell like it would add flavor to the cake (in lieu of vanilla), so I added...
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