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I feel like you always say what I am thinking TexasSugar - and I'm jealous of your name too!OP - I have started keeping notes on everything I do to help me speed up. How many batches of this recipe will fit in my KA bowl? 3. And I have jotted the measurements times 3 on the side, etc... I have also converted most of my recipes to weight instead of measuring as it saves me time both mixing and with clean up. I have a kitchen timer that I have used that allows me to...
I agree about including a cutting guide, that way they can use it or ignore it, it's up to them. I also type out individualized instructions on how to dismantle all tiered cakes because I find that many employees get confused about the different systems.I once had a venue explain to me that they only sliced and served edge pieces because they looked nice. They "wouldn't serve" the inner slices. This was on a tiered cake with a 16" bottom tier. They really didn't seem...
I like the cleaner look of the format, although I think many of the changes will take some getting used too.I don't think I have anything really new, but to add my voice I would like to see the following.-The Hottest Topics on the front page - I read these multiple times a day.-A reply button at the bottom of the forum posts.-My photos are also not showing up, but I understand this is a glitch and I assume they will reappear at some point. I understand that you guys...
LOVE IT! I have had a couple of cakes hit the trash too, but I think I am probably the one that needed the time out.
I am doing a reveal cake for this weekend and they have specifically asked that I color the cake and not just the filling, which is what I usually do. I am using a standard yellow scratch cake recipe. Do you know how much color change I should expect when the cakes are baked? Will the color deepen or appear lighter, or about the same?Hopefully you guys will see this questions even though the new site seems to different! Thanks!
Thank you all so much for your replies! I get so frustrated buying tools and not really knowing how they will work out. I will definitely be putting a couple of these on my Christmas list!
I'm in the market for an extruder and I would really appreciate your imput!
Cinnamon cream cheese butter cream! It's a great combo.What is brown butter icing? I haven't heard of it before.
Oh - how exciting! I'm jealous!
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