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Looking at a Bosch oven and I was wondering if anyone has this oven or what oven you have and love. Here is the model:30" Dual Fuel Freestanding Range 700 Series - Stainless Steel HDS7052U Also it says the oven is 4.6 cubic feet. How many cupcake pans can I fit in this?
I cooked it at 325 for two hours. What type of cakes are less dense ? I have recipes for bundt cakes. I never made one, so I do not know if it is less dense.
I bought a Martha Stewart igloo pan and am trying to use it but the center won't bake! I'm using a cinnamon coffee pound cake type recipe. I then put a metal cake batter tester in the middle to see if that would work , but it's not baking still. what am I doing wrong?!?!?
I am having problems wording what i need to say. I wanted to send out some emails trying to find out who is in charge of booking their events and holiday client orders to be able to drop off sample packages those interested. But I am just not sure how to address the email and how to say this. If anyone has done this or knows how to, that would be great! I am also going to make brochers and mail them to smaller businesses. I am trying to get this done by next week.
thank you for that advice. That hs to be my issue. I baked years ago and used to do this. For some reason I stopped and started having problems. Never put two and two together. I was starting to loose hope and that maybe I should just stick to cupcakes The cakes are almost cooled. Gonna wrap them and freeze them while I work on the rest of the order. Thanks again for the advice.
I shoud have taken a picture, I should have had it done yesterday just in case. This isn't the first time a cake has done this on me I have another one in the oven now.What went wrong? I was putting frosting on it and the frosting weighed down the sides and made them fall off :'( and the top layer cracked too!Also this is supposed to have a cream cheese filling. I was using Henry and Henry....I do not have any more. The cake store is to far away to get to in the AM and...
So I've been wanting to make banana fosters into cake for awhile. I found torani banana fosters. I bought it of course! But I noticed that when put into a cake it usually is sugar free syrup. Can I use this? Any sugestions on how to make a banana fosters cake?
I only found the gingerbread. I am using a WASC cake recipe (I always add a pk of pudding to my WASC) and using spice cake mix. Batter taste great, it's in the oven now! I'm going to call around tomorrow for candy cane. I'm thinking of putting it in a vanilla WASC cake and then using a white chocolate frosting! Yumm!!!!!
So right now every 50$ you spend you get a free item! I bought a bunch of supplies I need already and spent 250= 5 free DVDs! Woo Hoo! I am hopinh if I learn from this DVD I won't hav to go to Chicago to take classes costing my 3k....I do that I can do the bridal show here and the cleveland cake classes with some extra. I am so excited! Starting my dream is just so exciting for me! Thx everyone on here for your wonderful advice helping me complete my dad's last wish.
See I have not yet made champagne cake, but I do want to try it soon! I am just wanting to come up with some crazy flavor mixtures. It should be fun! I am still looking for Bridal shows in my area, the only one worth attending is Jan 9th, which is just too soon, and it is 950$!! I am trying to find one for half that. But I read on here how someone did 4 cakes, one for each season, I thought it would be really neat to have the cake flavor match the season as well. So I...
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