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very helpful Thank you both!
Request for a full sheet cake to feed 70 people. I was told the full sheet cake pan does not fit into a standard oven and it is my personal belief that 2 12X18 pans would be to much. According to wilton a 1 12X18 feeds 70 people but I fear once the family begins to slice the cake it will fall short of feeding 70 people. So i need a pan bigger than a 12X18 but one small enough to fit in a standard oven.Any suggestions, What pan would you use? Thanks in advance
Ill definitely be following this post. If you all start your own let plz post... Southfield MI here
I heard of people using a blow dryer at a safe distance though. HTH
Thank you so much Corrie I did tell her something similar and she was very receptive to this. Thanks again
i have a request for a make-up case with the whole kit & caboddle with lip stick and all all. As much as i would luv to make this cake it is requested for this Saturday I just learned of it today and i already have 2 orders to complete. not to mention this is my anniversary wkend which means i wont have any working time the day b4 its due. also as many others since im just starting out i still have my "9-5" to work... so all in all i need a lil help on how to tell this...
uve helped more that a lil bit. I appreciate it!!
I have a request to make a full sheet baby shower cake but with a Mardi Gra theme. She really wants the colors of mardi gra with her and her husband’s name n hearts that then follows = the baby’s name. Seems simple enough but I just can’t visualized how it will come together to look nicely and still reflect a baby shower. Any help would be lovely. By the way she wants to feed 70 ppl do you all think that a half of sheet pan would work and accommodate this number of ppl???
great point thx again
Thx I will def be givin this a try this wk!
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