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I would use this recipe, tint it blue, and pour it onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Then carefully cut or break the pieces. HTH
There are several prepared fondants you can try. Which is the "best" is a matter of personal preference. I would suggest you buy some samples or small portions and give them a try!! Good luck!
I agree!! Yours is better!!
I used the non skid shelf liner to make the dimples on a BB. Worked out great!! Good luck!  
Yes, you are right. I would tint the fondant close to the color you want to paint with. I would then use luster dust mixed with either vodka or lemon extract and paint on with a wide paint brush.  
Ok, so I tried Buddy's cake. A co-worker brought it in for a birthday and it was AWFUL!!! It was one layer chocolate and one vanilla separated  by god-only-knows-what. Honestly, I can't tell you what the filling in between the layers was. Some partly liquified artificial chocolate something. The icing was a shortening based with a really bad after taste. Nothing against Buddy, just who is mass producing these.
The cake is beautiful!! And so are the poms!! Would love to know how you made those
Yes, you can make your flowers ahead of time, and no, you don't need to add any gum tex to them. Leave them to dry at room temp, do not put them in the fridge. You can put them in a cake box or tupperware container when fully dry to keep the dust, etc. off of them. HTH
I actually use a clay extruder I bought at Michael's. It's metal with a crank handle and works really well. It's made by Walnut Hollow and you find it in the sculpy section. With a 40-50% off coupon in runs around $15.00. Lots of discs included. Only thing is you need to warm your fondant first, then it extrudes quite easily!
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