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just a thought........what do they make celebration/birthday candle holders that are inserted into cakes from? are these food safe?? also does anyone know where i can order large posy picks from about 15mm wide for large cake topper displays?
Hi Davwattie,In abbey hulton - stoke on trent, staffordshire there is a great little shop called pinch of sugar - they also have a website, theyve helped me out loads for bits and pieces and the prices are good IMO - I live in stoke on trent so close to me - hope this helps
Hi all,just wondering if anyone knows if linda mcclure supplies the silhouette machine to the UK, really want one but worried about shipping it - or is similar available in uk...... looked at the cricut cake machine but it seems limited to the cartridges for design??all help and advice appreciated TY
Hi all,just wanted to introduce myself, I have just come back to cake decorating after learning some skills as a teenager with my mum, I'm now 31 and hope to build a portfolio and eventually open a cake decorating business in stoke-on-trent.Really great to see all the tips and recipes on here - you are all such a great inspiration! Anyway helloooooo
thank you to you both and especially to the post about the uk forums - they are really useful and would never have found them
Hi all,really sorry if this post is not in the right place, but i would like to ask advice on what is needed to start a cake decorating business in the UK, I would love to do this but am unsure on how to do this.Could you kind people please advise on how to get started, what certificates i would need, premises etc... I would love for my hubby to quit his job so i can do this full time but there is so much technical jargon and lack of help online that i am lost - and all i...
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