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Thanks so much! All very helpful info =).
Does anyone know how to make a knot like the one pictured below in the middle of the fondant bow? A friend has requested this, and any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!Also, I assume the fondant ribbon, knot, and bow should all be attached to the cake while fairly pliable. Can someone please advise me how long I should let them try after that and before the party?
I'm not a big fan of American BC so I usually avoid it in favor of cream cheese frosting, SMBC, etc. I've recently had to make American BC (butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, cream/milk) for others and have been experiencing a weird problem. When I color the BC (with paste colors), I notice the frosting looks kind of shimmery (like an oil slick). Then when I look closely, it looks as if something in the buttercream has separated. I've seen truly "broken" BC and I don't...
I just bought this tip because I thought it would be very pretty on cupcakes. I know that the cupcakes below from Sweetapolita blog were frosted using this tip.My only concern is that she pipes her frosting counter-clockwise, while I've always swirled clockwise. I know this sounds silly, but I'm concerned only because the piping tip itself swirls in one direction. Does anyone know from experience whether it will make a big difference which way I swirl? Thanks!
Thanks for the ideas!
Thanks...I guess I'm asking how to make the button?
Hi there. I'm baking my friend's wedding cake, and she'd like a fondant ribbon "tied" with a knot like in the photo below (minus the jewels). Can anyone help me figure out how to make this? Should I actually try to tie the fondant? Thanks in advance!
Thanks for your advice, everyone! Fortunately I have almost a year to test and practice.
A friend of mine just asked me to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for her wedding. The thing is, she wants me to pipe frosting flowers on them like these:I'm afraid my regular frosting won't stand up to that, so I'm looking for a firmer frosting that still has cream cheese flavor. I'm thinking maybe a cream cheese SMBC? Does anyone know if that will work and/or have a good recipe? Thanks a lot!
Thanks! I did tell the dept representative that I lived in Arlington and she's sending me the packet still so I'd imagine Arlington itself does not prohibit home baking sales. Perhaps it has more stringent rules than other counties though. Sigh. Do you happen to know of an online source for Arlington rules?Or if you'd be willing to put me in contact with that friend to ask some questions that'd be greatly appreciated! But I totally understand if you're not comfortable...
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