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Wow thanks so much, Jenniffer!  I just saw this -- I have no idea why I didn't get an email notification at the time you posted.  That is very helpful and you're one of my biggest cake heroes!  I'll be doing some other decorations on the cake with modeling chocolate so I may just use that and the sandwiching idea is awesome (though the idea of cutting 2 sets *groan* =p.  How long would you recommend drying the modeling chocolate to make sure it's firm enough to be...
I'm hoping to make a topper similar to just the leaf wreath portion of the SDVOSB symbol (pictured below) for a cake topper. I want the topper to stand upright atop the cake, so I need it to be strong and also be made of something that cuts cleanly to get the details. Wondering if I should use gumpaste, modeling chocolate, royal icing (piped), melted candy melts (piped), or something different entirely to ensure this works/doesn't break. Thanks!
I just completed my first fondant cake with milk chocolate ganache underneath (since I hear ganache makes it much easier to get sharp corners from fondant) and had mixed results (see photo below). I LOVED the sharp, perfect look of the ganached cakes BEFORE covering with fondant, but I experienced some of the same issues applying/smoothing the fondant as I did using SMBC underneath. Even though I was careful to brush the entire cake cake with a hot syrup mixture, I still...
Hi everyone! I'm making 140 cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for a friend's wedding, and many of them will have gumpaste flower/bird decorations. Can anyone advise me about how early I can place the toppers onto the cream cheese frosting without having them soften/wilt/bleed onto the frosting? My CC recipe is non-crusting with ratio of about 1 cup butter to 3/4 cup cream cheese and 2 cups of powdered sugar. Since it has relatively little sugar compared to many other...
I'd love to know the ratio if you would share it -- thanks!
I think this just happened to me today . Is there any way to salvage the fondant after it's been "over-kneaded"? Thanks!
If you're using a crusting buttercream, a high density rolling could be used after letting the frosting crust slightly. It's fast and easy .
Hi there! I found this video tutorial last month and it's a really effective method for any butter-based frosting that can be chilled and hardened between coats. I bought the metal scraper she's using and had my boyfriend cut and sandpaper down one end so it could lay flat (to allow you to keep the scraper perpendicular to the cake board as you're smoothing the sides). Hope that helps!
I agree on at least some oil as opposed to all butter, mayo for my RV, and though it's not an ingredient, not overbaking (it sounds obvious but it makes a HUGE difference).
I have a friend who really wants GUMPASTE (not real) succulents on her wedding cake -- does anyone know of a tutorial or have any tips for making/coloring these? Thanks in advance!!
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