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I'm looking for several of their molds to wrap around a cake I'm making, but their site hasn't been working and I notice a lot of their products going out of stock/listed as discontinued on other cake supply sites.  Does anyone know if they've closed for good?  Thanks!
Glad I found this thread before posting the question myself.  I've seen these exact shapes on other cakes (probably inspired by the now-famous cake pictured above) so I assume they're probably sold in a set.  Does anyone know where to buy this set or who makes it?  Thanks!
I haven't done this personally but I feel I'd want the security of a center dowel.  Videos are always much more helpful for me than written directions or even photos, so here's a good one:  She has a lot of other helpful video tutorials as well.  Hope that helps!
FYI I've also heard that Fondarific dries out much more slowly than the other brands but it's pretty expensive. 
I bow down to FromScratchSF's expertise as I've had incredible experience with her wonderful white/yellow cake recipe BUT I just want to say from my personal experience that I've had success translating a lot of different cake recipes to cupcake recipes without a problem with peeling wrappers and/or rising.  I do think baking just the right amount and removing the cupcakes from the pan within 5 minutes of removing from the oven are VERY important.  If you don't already,...
Thanks for input!  I will give that a try.  I'm also wondering if it might be a tulip cutter like the image below:   Btw, I've been using your white/yellow cake recipe ever since I tried it a few months ago.  Gorgeous flavor and much easier than my previous one that required whipping up 8 egg whites per batch.  Thanks so much for your awesomely scientific and detailed (yet oh so customizable) recipe =D!
Thanks!  Looks like they cut a slit at the center tip as well if it's not a special cutter...
I've heard pretty good things about these 2 and Cakedeco has a pretty good price when you buy a large amount:   Hope that helps!
I agree the classic Microplane (the brand name) zester is amazing.  Just be really careful as it's crazy sharp, but the zesting is so fast and effortless you won't ever be able to go back and I've had mine at least 4 years and it's still going strong.
I'm in love with these magnolia-esque flowers, but haven't been able to find petal cutters like this under that name.  Does anyone know which cutters/technique are used to make these crisp, elegant petals?  Thanks!      
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