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Well now I'm curious about Crumb Boss's recipe, but I did 8 test runs with various tweaks until I found my perfect RV recipe and I can vouch for it 100%:
Also FYI if you're ever looking for a larger/higher resolution image of a cake you see online and want to identify the original cake artist, Google Images is FANTASTIC for that.
Here is another tutorial for the first type of ruffle but like remnant3333 said about her video link, you'll need to adjust to have the ruffles facing down not up:
Yep it's a petal piping tip (104 or similar will work well) for both I think.  Melody of Sweet and Saucy has a great video for the method for the type of ruffle in the 2nd photo on Youtube:
Thanks everyone!
Do you mean the summer roll wrappers in the Chinese store that are round?  If so, those are DEFINITELY not the type of rice paper being used here. 
I'm in love with the rose swag in this Sweet and Saucy cake.  Has anyone seen this mold for sale anywhere?  It's possible Melody simply made the mold with her own silicone too...  
Thanks for the information!  I know OASIS still had some of their molds.
Lol clearly great minds think a like.  I like the Party Cakes by Canberra tutorial a lot as well.
Seems like it'd be a waste of coloring to dye the fondant gold.  Just make it a yellowish tone maybe, then airbrush it with gold airbrush color.  Or if you don't have an airbrush and/or want a more texture effect, you can paint it with a mixture of gold dust and vodka/everclear, let it dry, then drybrush it with more gold dust using a big fluffy brush (like a powder brush for makeup though obviously don't use one you've used for makeup).  Hope that helps and it turns out...
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