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Has anyone successfully made Juliet Roses (a type of David Austin rose) like the leftmost in the below photo out of gumpaste?  I specifically love the look of them before the outer petals spread out.  I know Erica Obrien had them on her resolutions for this year, but she hasn't posted anything as far as I know.  Specifically, I'm curious how to pack in all the center petals without making the flowers so heavy that they pull down on the cake.  Thanks in advance for any...
Good call -- thanks!
I've been loving the effect I've seen on wedding cakes recently where it looks like the fondant has embossing that is slightly above the base fondant but close enough that I wonder if the design is applied separately.  I'm guessing either that or outlines are being drawn on the base fondant then the shapes are filled in to give the illusion of 3D.  Does anyone have any idea?  Below is the most well-known example of this effect I've seen.  Thanks!!  
My pleasure!  Please let us know how your cake goes (photos would great)!  I'm sure it'll be awesome and hope the client appreciates that you had the integrity to make sure you were giving them something foodsafe and FDA-approved =D.
A representative for AmeriColor responded to me with the following regarding their gold airbrush color.  The gold cake she references is the photo attached below.    "All of our colors are FDA approved and Kosher certified. . . . Our gold airbrush color would achieve the look of the gold cake.  Thank you."    
*Bump*  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Hi y'all!  I came across the cake below a while back and the gathered fabric effect of the fondant really took my breath away.  Does anyone know/have suggestions as to how to achieve this?  I can tell that some of the "folds" are actually etched lines in the fondant.  Other parts are clearly raised and folded.  I'm trying to figure out if this effect was actually achieved with folding one big strip of fondant around each tier, or if strips of fondant "folds" were added...
FYI -- I am finally watching this video from GSA and it's a good explanation of the different types of dusts.
Try Etsy.  Here's one I found right away:
If the dowel rods in the tutorial  DeliciousDesserts posted are too thick, you could probably use a thick floral wire to support the wings as well.  You've probably already searched, but there's a cute Tree Fu Tom cake in the CC gallery:  The wings are much smaller, so I get the logistics of making yours will be different, but you may want to reach out to that user to see if they have any...
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