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Hi all!  I recently discovered the work for Kyra's Crave Bake Shop in OR and really think the way she pipes some of her cupcake frosting in squiggles if very cute.  I'd like to recreate something similar and I know this is probably a closed star piping tip, but can't figure out which piping tip to use.  Hoping one of you will recognize it or have a good guess -- thanks in advance!   Cheers! XL  
Thanks!  Wow yea she does make large scrapers =D.
I just saw this gloriously tall cake scraper on Sweet and Saucy's FB page.  It looks like it'd be amazing for frosting extended tier/double barrel cakes.  Has anyone seen this for sale anywhere?  Love the measurement marks as well.  
Thanks!  Good thing I bought that class last week and just hadn't gotten to watch it yet lol.  Can't wait to learn.  I actually already have the punches, too.
I have the tutorial and I don't think it's giving away too much to say there's nothing special done before stenciling on top of the silver leaf, which is what all of hers appear to be.   Now what really puzzles me is how Hey There, Cupcake! has been able to do cutouts of what appears to be gold foil (see below). I recognize the fishscale pattern as being from a craft paper punch.  What I can't figure out is how she did it when gold leaf is so sensitive to touch and...
Uh oh, I'm revealing myself as a newbie here and maybe it's a difference between countries, but what's flowerpaste?  It seems you are saying that's different from gumpaste.  Please enlighten me!  And thanks to both of you who replied =D.
I really adore the crisp, modern look of the petals on flowers made by the amazing bakery, Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes (photos below).  Does anyone know how to get this effect?  For example, do people think using a pasta roller to get a very uniform thickness to the gumpaste would help?  Clearly there seems to be minimal, if any, use of veiners.  The petals look very smooth, almost like paper but flexible if that makes sense.  It also seems like there would not be a lot of...
Thanks!  I have seen ones like this before.  I guess I can try to adapt it by building up sections over time.  It would be really helpful to dissect one of these flowers in real life to see what shape the inside petals are when laid out flat.
For the center petals, I'm also wondering whether they should be dried separately and then pieced together or assembled while still somewhat malleable?  Because they fit together so tightly, I'd be worried about not being able to fit them together as closely if they're all dried separately.  Thanks!
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