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You handled that a lot better than I probably could. I have come to notice that with gas prices going up and everyone being in such a tough spot, everyone who has asked me to do a cake ( because the want the love and care that goes it to it and for it to be original) expects me to do it at bi lo prices, which is very very diffuclt and sometimes impossible to do! I am afraid I would have said some of the thing that were on your mind as much as I would have tried not to! ...
rich's should work fine, but if it is a little more runny than you would like MP would do the trick just add it like you would to make regular bc stiff. be careful not to add too much MP though cause it will make the icing bitter. hope that helps
a little van extract may break it down a little and keep it from hardening as fast, im not all that sure though, hope it helps some.
They used to offer it as a 4th class that was the full 4 session course, but it repeats a lot of information given in the other 3 classes. So they got rid of it and turned it into a one day thing where they give you all new information on stacking and things like that, from what i understand its very informative, a friend of mine took it about a month or two ago. Hope that helps!
I am looking to get an airbrush for my home use, KopyKake is a very nice airbrush i have used it when i worked at food lion but that is a 300.00 airbrush and I just dont have that kind of money. I am looking for something efficient and dependable with air control on it. I just dont know what to get they have a lot on ebay for good prices but I dont want to pay 80 and get the one thats not as good when I could have paid 85 or whatever the price may be for the better one. ...
This is my newest cake, I am very new to CC but I really like the site I have noone who speaks "cake speak" at my house so I thought this site would help me get some of my thoughts out. Anyway, I was very very proud of this cake this is only my second stacked cake and my 1st 3 tier cake i thought it looked very nice for Mardi Gras, but only a few views, some of my family was impressed others not so much. I appreciate any and all comments or critisism. ...
I normally use paint on my computer but am looking for a computer cake design software thats a little more "user friendly" I like using paint but its difficult to get what you see in our head onto the screen.... any information is very much appreciated!!!! thank you all
Is there any new contests going on or does anyone know when the next one will begin? thanks
ohhhhhhh thank you so much i looked all over the place for that!!!!!!!!!!!! its exactly what i needed
Does anyone have a template for a onsie i tried to find one on here but to no avail. thanks
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