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Agree with Texas_Rose - gum-tex has an awful smell and my gum paste didn't harden properly even after 3 days. I would stick with CMC if you have it.
Personally I prefer the flavor and texture of scratch cakes but I have some friends and family members that will only eat cakes from a box (which I will only make in a doctored version like WASC). They love the more commercial taste for whatever reason. I will do 50/50 frostings when the weather is hot and humid, but don't make all shortening frosting at all (just a little too greasy for my taste). I definitely prefer to use better ingredients but it can also be very...
Agree with leah_s - couldn't live with out the Ateco set - it has 11 sizes so you always have the one you need!
There's a marshmallow fluff buttercream by jessdesserts in the recipe section that is a big hit and tastes great. I tend to use 3 sticks of butter instead of 4 to give more of a marshmallow flavor - it's great and has a good texture.
I used gum-tex recently and my pieces were still too soft 3 days later! I plan to buy some tylose (haven't needed it much til now) - I've never read a review that said it didn't work properly.
The Rebecca Sutterby WASC recipe (2 boxes BC cake mix) makes 13 cups of batter (measured it last week as I had multiple cakes/cupcakes to do and needed to know). The Wilton batter chart is pretty accurate but it will also depend on the type of batter as some rise more than others. I agree with TexasSugar - figure out how many cups your pan holds and fill it halfway. When in doubt put a sheet pan or a layer of foil on the bottom rack of your oven just in case of...
Awesome news! Congratulations!!
KA mixer, offset spatulas, disposable piping bags (or zip top bags in a pinch), The Mat, glass mixing bowl (for microwaving/double boiler use), a good sifter, multiple measuring cup/spoon sets (to avoid washing to reuse in the middle of a recipe), digital scale, adjust-a-cup measure for things like peanut butter, americolor gel colors (sooo much better than wilton), lorann extract and oil flavorings. I'm sure I'm missing tons of things - it's hard when you're a...
I made it for the first time last week after reading all the rave reviews. I had hoped to use it during hot humid summer days but I actually didn't care for the mouth feel either (flavor was nice tho). My family rebelled and told me to go back to my tried and true (a recipe for crusting buttercream using half butter and half Crisco).
I don't do tiered cakes often so recently I used the Wilton dowel rods for support in a 6, 10, and 12" layered cake. read somewhere that if you halve the size of the tier, that is the number of dowels you should use. My 10" layer was dense and heavy so I used 5 dowels and it worked out perfectly. The tier didn't budge.
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