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I love the Mat with MMF, regular fondant, even gum paste!! The Wilton mats are too thin for my liking to roll fondant but I do occasionally put them underneath the Mat if I need to be more exact about the size of what I'm rolling out. I am glad to be assured that it is food safe and also use non-latex gloves to color fondant as well. These days you never know who will have a food allergy and I'd rather not take any chances!
Raspberry would be nice too!
Consider that no high-end car owner would ever take their expensive car through a commercial car wash (no offense to any drive-thru car wash owners) - it's hand wash and wax only for them. So why would we trust our precious baking tools to a dishwasher? I always hand wash my tools, bowls, pans, etc. It ensures that every drop of grease and cake is removed and if something breaks/gets ruined I only have myself to blame (no questioning what happened). I don't trust those...
I also find that the more you knead your MMF the whiter it gets. I guess it's like pulling taffy - the incorporated air makes it whiter than the initial color of the melted sugar.
Our Michael's also has a 50% off any baking item (scroll to bottom of page),default,pg.html
I actually use Wilton's cake release product (you brush it around the pan). I haven't had to use parchment paper since and I find the cake doesn't come out as crusty, greasy or browned as with sprays. It works really well!
I really think it all boils down to what you and your daughter really want. Is it something you or she have always wanted? Will it take away from your time together to celebrate her marriage. I would sit down with her and have a heart to heart and see how she really feels about the possibility of you not being heavily involved during the last few days before the wedding. The idea of a dummy cake and sheet cakes is really a win-win. You can get almost everything...
If you're doing fondant here's a great camo tutorial...
I would even ask the airline to send, email or fax you instructions that they are quoting so when you get to security you can show it to them and they can confirm it. Otherwise it could end up as a he said/she said situation where everyone doesn't understand the rules the same way.
You could also do Big Ben and an Eiffel Tower to keep in the honeymoon theme. Or a movie Reel and a CD which would make all the shapes the same to save baking time and leave time for the decorating. You could personalize both with something like - "Wedding memories of bride & groom" on the movie and "paris in the springime" or some similar song title on the CD.
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