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Totally agree with everyone!! Thanks to all for being willing to share and patient enough to answer every question!
Even if this woman offers to pay when she picks up the cake, if she shows up with nothing you'll be out the money for your ingredients, energy costs, time and labor even if you don't give her the cake. Make her pay now or no cake!
You could have them crumb coat cakes and while they're waiting for the buttercream to crust you could do a mini-demo (maybe make 1/4 batch so kneading won't take so long) of how to make MMF - give out recipe if they want to do it at home. Then have MMF or other fondant ready for them to move on to cake covering, decorating, etc.
Have you tried kneading it a lot more? I recently covered a cake board with fairly fresh mmf. The next day I had to re-knead the rest to roll out to cover my cake and it was much whiter that the fondant on the board. I had to do the board all over again but was able to match with more kneading. It might work a bit like taffy - the candy starts out a bit yellow (maybe from cooking the marshmallows) and the more it's pulled the whiter it gets. HTH
I have found that using Google to do a search and adding "cakecentral" in with the descriptions produces better results than the internal CC search. Especially when looking for a particular image, I always find what I'm looking for faster! HTH
Chef Central has them (in NY and NJ) but you can also find them on some web-based baking supply sites.
I have a friend who calls her In-laws her Out-laws and there is a valid reason for that (in almost every family there are a few I'm certain)!! Family in general always takes advantage whenever they can. I just told my nephew his son's christening cake is his last freebie - I can't afford all the ingredients/time/planning anymore!I can't work with anyone looking over my shoulder - too stressful, especially if the cake is for someone other than family (currently only doing...
What about a building (cut a rectangular sheet in half and stack) that looks similar to the firehouse you are thanking. You could use fondant for the doors and windows and then pipe the name on. Also you could possibly add a fondant banner that says "Thanks from Engine Company XYZ!"
For fondant: buttercream:
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