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There are many post to the forums, including some with sample contracts. It will be easiest to find them by searching with google and adding in the search criteria.
I would definitely stack sheet cake layers cut into the shape of the boat hull. If you go on the Mainship website you can probably find floor plan layout diagrams for that boat (or a similar one) and enlarge them to use as templates. You could probably use foamcore, plywood, masonite or some other solid board as the base for the upper deck and overhang it slightly over the front windshield and stack more cake as the upper helm area. I would use hardened extruded...
The tube thermometers can be off too - I just bought one from Michaels last week and when I tested it in boiling water it was off by 10 degrees. Definitely check your thermometer and then whenever you use it just add (if it's too low) or subtract (if it's too high) the amount that it is off from 212 degrees in boiling water,
Here's a link to just the recipes:
Here's the whole tutorial - found it with google.
What about keeping it less colorful, like doing all black and white route 66 signs on the cupcakes from the different states it runs through and only adding a bit of color to the main cake. Here's a cake I found: could use their wedding colors and put their names at the top of the sign.Would really depend on how much of route 66 they really want in the design.
King Arthur Flour makes mini cinnamon chips and what they call cinnamon bites for baking. I haven't tried them myself but they are highly rated on their website.
What about a cake stacked to look like a piece of wooden furniture with all of the corners chewed off? Or you could do a sofa with chewed legs and shredded fabric on the arms.
Looks like JOANN has them on sale:
Earlene Moore's cake chart has the circumference measurements to help for ribbons and trims. servings are much more generous than the Wilton chart which I find better for family parties vs. weddings.
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